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Married At First Sight Season 11 Villains (& Why We Can’t Forget Them)

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Despite the successful relationships of many Married At First Sight season 11 couples, some stars were regarded as villains during the show. The installment debuted with the task of building on the franchise’s success over the previous ten seasons. The trailer teased a lot of drama between the couples, and the series didn’t disappoint when it eventually premiered. For over 17 episodes, fans watched as the romantic relationships blossomed between certain couples, including Amani Smith and Woody Randall, who ultimately chose to remain married. However, like most Married At First Sight series, season 11 also featured particular couples who brought drama and toxicity to the show.

Christina Croce

Christina Croce looking serious in Married At First Sight

Christina Croce and Henry Rodriguez took a giant leap of faith when they wed on Married At First Sight season 11. However, things started poorly for the then-newlyweds, as they had a hard time connecting during the season. Although it was easy to see that Christina and Henry had starkly contrasting behaviors right from the first day, their inability to reach a compromise for the good of their relationship made them such a terrible pairing. However, most of the fault rested on Christina’s shoulders. Her behavior made her very unpopular.

While Henry was introverted, Christina’s outspoken ways and demanding nature always put her at odds with her then-husband, Consequently, this caused a lot of drama between the duo, and fans weren’t too pleased with some of Christina’s antics during the show. At the peak of their problems, Christina even blackmailed Henry into accepting one of her demands, by spreading rumors about his sexuality.

The two eventually split on Decision Day. Henry described the experience as, “one hurdle after another,” while speaking at the reunion. Although Christina has tried to reinvent herself after the show, she remains one of the most controversial cast members to appear in the series, according to Soapdirt.

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Karen Landry

Married At First Sight’s Karen Landry was paired with Miles Williams by the relationship experts. Although he seemed a perfect fit for her, given her troubled relationship history, Karen never warmed up to her husband during the show. The two were miles apart regarding what they expected from each other. However, Karen quickly stood out as a villain due to her constant gaslighting of Miles. For most of the season, Karen left Miles feeling unwanted. She had more questions than answers. Apart from their lack of physical intimacy, things went south when Karen began a disturbing verbal assault on Miles’s personality.

Karen often used condescending language when talking about Miles, and constantly called him out for not being, “man enough” to meet her standards. Karen repeatedly claimed Miles was, “feminine,” and quickly shut him down whenever he tried to communicate his feelings to her. Surprisingly, Karen’s behavior gradually changed, and the couple ended the season on a good note. They’re still together today, as per TV Fanatic.

Brett Lindsey

Married At First Sight Brett at gym taking selfie

Right from the very first episode of Married At First Sight season 11, Brett Lindsey attracted a lot of negative attention to himself due to his disturbing antics during the bachelor party. For someone who was meant to be getting married the next day, Brett was a little too friendly with women, and he even ended up flirting with co-star Henry Rodriguez’s friend. Some of his comments quickly made him a clear contender for the season’s villain title. The MAFS star was so controversial on the show that, at some point, it felt like Brett was almost deliberately doing things to become the most villainous character of MAFS season 11.

Although Olivia did her best to make the marriage work, Brett frustrated her with his off-putting behavior, and knack for getting under her skin with his unguarded comments. Therefore, it wasn’t surprising that his relationship with Olivia ended in a divorce. Despite their controversial attitudes, these Married At First Sight stars made season 11 one of the most entertaining in the franchise’s history.

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