Married at First Sight

Here’s what the MAFS Season 17 cast has been up to since the show ended

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Married at First Sight viewers eagerly awaited the end of Season 17, eager to bid farewell to what they dubbed the worst season ever.

Initially, Emily Balch, Brennan Shoykhet, Becca Haley, Austin Reed, Clare Kerr, Cameron Frazer, Lauren Good, Orion Martzloff, Chloe Brown, and Michael Shiakallis had fans excited, but the excitement was short-lived.

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Problems arose early, with Orion ready to call it quits with Lauren on the honeymoon. Soon after, Clare and Cameron also opted for divorce long before Decision Day.

This left two other couples, plus Michael and Chloe, who were brought in later due to a runaway bride situation. However, they all eventually called it quits. Viewers felt deceived after discovering at the reunion that the cast had plotted fake storylines instead of engaging genuinely with the marital experiment, leading to the season’s failure. But where is the Denver cast today?

What’s Happening with the MAFS Season 17 Wives?

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The Season 17 wives have been vocal on social media, facing backlash from angry viewers about their behavior throughout the season.

Becca, Emily, Clare, and Lauren have remained close friends. Since the show ended, Clare has found a new man, though there’s no trace of him on social media.

Emily is exploring dating but isn’t ready for a serious relationship. She’s also leveraging her social media fame, promoting companies on Instagram and responding to trolls.

Lauren has been traveling extensively, visiting Greece and Mexico. She’s also capitalizing on her growing Instagram following, recently hosting a meet-and-greet with Emily.

Becca rarely posts personal content on social media but appears happy in snaps with the other women, seemingly still single after her split from Austin.

Following her fallout with the group, Chloe has been independent but doing well. She recently joined her ex-husband Michael for an Instagram Live, answering questions from MAFS fans. She is heavily involved with her favorite animal sanctuary and enjoys the outdoors.

Are the MAFS Season 17 Husbands Single or Dating?

Most of the MAFS men have been quiet since Season 17, except for Michael, who has done several interviews recently.

Brennan Shoykhet has a new woman in his life but hasn’t made it Instagram official and likely never will.

Michael is still single and gearing up for a charity boxing match, supported by Chloe and Orion, who have been spotted in photos with him. Orion hasn’t posted anyone special on social media, mostly sharing job updates.

Austin’s Instagram page is still private, and since he declared at the reunion that he wasn’t ready to date, it’s fair to assume he’s still single.

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