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‘MAFS’ Jamie Thompson Ditched Wife For Dating Apps?

Married at First Sight pair Jamie Thompson and Elizabeth Bice tried to make their marriage work and failed. According to Beth, it didn’t take long for her ex to find his way to the world of dating apps. What else did she have to say about this MAFS situation?

Married At First Sight: Jamie Thompson And Beth Bice Stayed Together On Decision Day, But Their Marriage Always Had Problems

Jamie Thompson and Elizabeth Bice agreed to stay together on Decision Day. These two were on Married at First Sight Season 9 in Charlotte, North Carolina. This Lifetime pair often got into fights, and Beth and Jamie frequently got into shouting matches in scenes.

The duo agreed to stay married when Decision Day came around. They even managed to live a relatively happy married life after filming their season, showing up on Couples’ Cam with the other successful matches. However, things didn’t stay peaceful in their union for long.

Married at First Sight: Elizabeth Bice - Jamie Thompson

MAFS Pair Eventually Threw In The Towel

The writing was on the wall for Jamie Thompson and Elizabeth Bice long before they decided to part ways for good. They gave their union a solid try before they eventually realized that things were not working. After months of seeing if there was something there for them to salvage as a couple, Jamie Thompson filed for divorce from his wife in June of 2023.

The Married at First Sight experts have a horrible record when it comes to matching couples that stay together for the long haul. With Jamie officially filing for divorce, this was another one in the loss column for the experts, as these two couldn’t come to common ground to save their marriage.

Married at First Sight: Beth Bice - Jamie Thompson

Married At First Sight: Did Jamie Thompson Ditch His Wife For Dating Apps?

Beth Bice recently told her Married at First Sight followers about a “new ick” that was unlocked for her. According to her, Jamie Thompson has been back on dating apps since filing for divorce. Typically, people join MAFS because they are having trouble finding a worthwhile partner on their own, and they need expert help.

Jamie Thompson being back on dating apps means he is ready and willing to give finding love on his own another shot, despite what his ex may think of his choices.

The thing that seemed to really get under Beth’s skin is the fact that Jamie is already on dating apps even though the pair are not officially divorced just yet. It’s not unheard of for people to put themselves back on the dating scene while waiting for a divorce to be finalized.

Married at First Sight: Beth Bice

In Jamie’s mind, he must be going with a “no time like the present” approach to finding love again, even if his ex isn’t a fan. Beth also hinted that she had tea to spill on their relationship, but that she was waiting for the divorce to be final first.

At the rate Jamie Thompson is going, he may very well swipe his way to a new match before his divorce is final. This would surely be one last dig at his ex, who has admitted to struggling with dating since their split.

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