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What Happened To Nicole Jimeno After The Family Chantel Season 5?

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The Family Chantel season 5 cast member Nicole Jimeno, who is Pedro Jimeno’s sister, has been a hot topic since the final installment of the series. Known as a greedy, mean and rude woman who detested her sister-in-law, Chantel Everett, Nicole is definitely notorious. While Chantel’s not her sister-in-law anymore, it’s safe to say that there will always be bad blood between those two strong-willed women. Nicole seemed to spend a lot of her time trying to get a rise out of Chantel.

In fact, Nicole’s desire to hurt Chantel seemed like an obsession. Nowadays, Nicole has other things going on in her life.

The Family Chantel season 2 gave more insight into other members of the Everett-Jimeno family, particularly Nicole Jimeno. One storyline in the second installment was Nicole’s new romance with Alejandro Padron. Alejandro’s originally from the Dominican Republic, as Nicole is, but back then, he lived in New York City. Shockingly, he was still married to his ex, but claimed he was trying to finalize the divorce. This information stirred up a lot of drama. Lidia Morel, Nicole and Pedro’s mom, was also highlighted during that season, primarily for loathing Alejandro.

The Family Chantel Was All About Heated Conflicts

Nicole Jimeno The Family Chantel

Lidia has strong emotions and she can be quite cruel. She’s like an evil Disney queen. At one point, she kicked Alejandro out of her home because she disliked him so much. At the end of the season, Alejandro attended the annual Carnival with Nicole, where he gave her a promise ring. Nicole accepted his gift and said she wanted her brother and mother.

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“to see how beautiful”

the relationship was. While this might have seemed like an engagement, it wasn’t because Alejandro was still married.

Nicole is no angel, but she may have expected more from her partner. Alejandro had a dark side just as she did (and probably still does). People should know their partners well before getting into serious relationships with them.

Following The Family Chantel season 2, Nicole and Alejandro were still together. At Nicole’s Instagram, she routinely posted pictures of her and Alejandro. Many of the photos were taken in New York City, which means that Nicole continued to visit Alejandro from Atlanta. At one point, she mentioned wanting to move in with Alejandro.

Nicole was then known for maintaining a lot of privacy in her life. On Alejandro’s Instagram, there were no pictures of Nicole. Also on Nicole’s Instagram, she shared bikini selfies that had fans wondering if she got breast implants (via Soap Dirt). Her chest was noticeably larger in a selfie with the caption, “I miss you baby,” directed at none other than Alejandro. He commented back, “I miss you too mi amor.” Nicole didn’t confirm or deny the cosmetic procedure rumors.

Nicole Jimeno Alejandro Padron: The Family Chantel in split image with them smiling

In addition to being a reality TV star, Nicole has participated in a few pageants. In 2016, she competed in and won the Miss Earth Dominican Republic Pageant. Since moving to the United States, it doesn’t look like Nicole has done any more pageants. She’s also educated, as she graduated from the Universidad Catolica Santo Domingo, but her major is unknown. It appears that The Family Chantel star and her relationship with Alejandro were her focus.

Nicole Jimeno Taunted Chantel With Coraima Morla

Pedro Jimeno from the family chantel in montage featuring two somber expressions

For a while, Nicole was posting about her life but now, as of July 2024, she’s set her Instagram to private. Maybe the issue is that Nicole seemed like a monster on the show, or close to it. Like her mother, she had a cold and harsh personality – she seemed like a bully who was only happy when she was making someone else miserable.

Bear in mind she surely got the villain edit – still, she did some terrible things, including taunting her sister-in-law by intimating that Pedro was involved with Nicole’s best friend, Coraima Morla.

When Nicole deviously recorded Pedro dancing with Coraima in a way that seemed more than platonic, it was like detonating a nuclear device. Chantel was upset and Pedro was obviously distressed. Leave it to Nicole to backstab two people at once – one of whom was her brother. The fallout from that may have led Pedro and Chantel to their divorce, which played out in an emotionally tense season 5. Nicole was determined to ruin her brother’s marriage.

Weirdly, she’s been called out for trying to look like Chantel, whom she has always despised. It’s very strange to mimic someone who’s an enemy.

Is Nicole Jimeno Imitating Chantel Everett?

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 wow what a toupee, nicole!
byu/tancrayon in90dayfianceuncensored

At Reddit, tan crayon posted a picture of Nicole with an admittedly strange hairstyle, which was mockingly called a:


During and after the series’ run, Nicole’s public enemy number one, but people seem to enjoy hating her. While the photo above doesn’t look like Chantel’s hair, in general, she appears to be copying her former sister-in-law. For example, Coraima’s possibly gotten some cosmetic enhancements that make her look more like Chantel. Nicole’s got more of a Hollywood look now, with full breasts and lips, just like the very commercial-looking Chantel’s always had.

coriaima and chantel from the family chantel with matching braids

As well, she’s worn braids in ways that Chantel has in the past. This is sort of like that creepy movie Single White Female, but with stunning women who have darker complexions. It’s like Coraima’s morphing into her nemesis via beauty treatments, invasive procedures (maybe) and hair appointments.

Nicole’s appearance has gotten shade before. She was accused of wearing braces just to attract sugar daddies. While there’s no proof of this, the Jimeno women seem quite mercenary. Lidia was in a long-term relationship with a married man and had children with him. He helped her with money, and cash was what she needed.

Pedro famously posed as someone who was reuniting with his father, but actually, that’s been called shady too. They had reportedly already gotten to know each other again before their “reuniting” played out onscreen. This stuff makes the Jimenos look like scammers.

Now that the show’s over, Nicole is ducking the spotlight – she seems to want to lead a truly private life. In the future, she may resurface, but for now, she’s focusing on life beyond reality TV. The Family Chantel star is an infamous villain, and she may be tired of that label. Plus, Pedro and Chantel split up and that was what she always wanted.

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