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What Happened To Bennett Kirschner & Amelia Fatsi After Married At First Sight Season 11?

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Amelia Fatsi and Bennett Krischner from Married At First Sight made a lasting impression on viewers, and it’s time to find out what they are up to now. The season 11 couple’s storybook romance turned out to be the most easy-going, drama-free one from the reality show. Motivated to undo his long string of bad romances, playwright Bennett took a leap of faith and landed up at the altar with the medical resident Amelia. And while the self-proclaimed social experiment lover did have a successful run with Bennett on Married At First Sight, is the couple still living their best life?

It was a definite first in the history of Married At First Sight when fans realized that Amelia had actually met Bennett before the show. While many wondered if this reality TV bride and groom had hooked up previously, Amelia, 27, and Bennett, 28, did show signs of super-strong chemistry right off the bat. With their similar quirky personalities and matching moods, the Lifetime pair did disappoint a few fans with their big revelation being just an innocent mutual friend. Amelia and Bennett, though smitten by each other’s eccentricity, had their fair share of problems, including Amelia’s new job in particular.

Bennett & Amelia’s Time On MAFS Season 11

Amelia’s dream to become a doctor called for Bennett’s uprooting himself from a city that was his home for six years. To add to their woes, the Lifetime newlyweds had to quarantine together during the coronavirus pandemic. But as it is with all feel-good fairytales, this made-for-each-other Married At First Sight couple had their happily ever after all figured out.

Amelia and Bennett were the first couple to face the experts Dr. Pepper, Pastor Cal, and Dr. Viviana Coles on Decision Day after four months of togetherness. The MAFS pair discussed the strain that COVID-19 put on their marriage but, also shared how it added an interesting dynamic to their relationship.

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“ In this moment that we’re going through such strange, intense, unpredictable times, I felt so lucky ,” Amelia confessed, before thanking Bennett for giving her “ this other lens on what was going on in the world .”

The very much in love Bennett looked into Amelia’s eyes and gushed, “You’ve helped me stay afloat,” as he revealed that this has been the first serious romantic relationship he’s been in where “a sense of love and adoration has not been coupled with a sense of danger.”

Amelia spoke about having to move to Virginia as soon as the interview ended, and also how Bennett had told her that moving would boost his creativity. “It’s been nothing but a source of joy, having you in my life,” Amelia’s husband told her before showing off his surprise. It was Bennett revealing a tattoo of Amelia’s initials with a heart on his booty that made their fans believe that they were rooting for “the greatest MAFS couple of all time!”

Bennett & Amelia’s Romance Update

MAFS Bennett Amelia Married At First Sight season 11 smilng at wedding

The success story leads of Married At First Sight were living in Virginia together after their experience on the show. Amelia had her first year on the job, where she worked from 5 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. every day, which is why Bennett and Amelia attended the reunion via video call. Host Kevin Frazier spoke about 2020 being a wild ride and the world needing the positivity that Amelia and Bennett exude to which she agreed that, “It feels really good to be contributing as much as I can and helping people.” Amelia shared that her specialty is family medicine, and Bennett too, revealed that he now has a full-time job as a solar consultant helping people switch to solar power in their home.

The couple did not spend much time focusing on the topic of children because they had so much going on with their hectic schedules, but they did make time to see Amelia’s family by meeting them every week. Bennett’s bohemian lifestyle and Amelia’s strenuous career as a doctor might have not made Married At First Sight fans believe that they would last for long, and those factors may have heavily contributed to the downfall of their relationship.

The MAFS pair did confess that barely getting to spend “nine hours together in a day” including sleep hours, and that it put a strain on their relationship, but Bennett added in his impeccable English that, “a new kind of circadian rhythm that we’re calibrating to.” Unfortunately, things did not stay harmonious between the two, and the pair announced their divorce in 2021 after only one year of marriage. They have chosen to stay private about the reason for their breakup, but there seems to be no ill will between them after their split.

Amelia and Bennett’s Lives Now


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In the three years since Bennet and Amelia ended their relationship, they have both been thriving. Bennet is in a new relationship, which he briefly mentioned when he appeared on a recent catch-up episode after Married at First Sight season 17 ended. The identity of Bennett’s girlfriend is a mystery, as she does not appear on his Instagram page. Outside of his new relationship, Bennett has maintained a strong friendship with his fellow season 11 cast mate Miles Williams. The pair recently started a YouTube channel where fans can hear their “tips, experiences, and practices for finding the joy while appearing on Reality TV.”

Amelia is happily in a relationship with a yoga instructor whom she has many posts with on her Instagram.

The pair have several videos together doing acrobatic couples yoga. Moreover, Amelia has a very busy life outside of her relationship, one that is filled with outdoor adventures and travel. Amelia appears to recently be on a sabbatical from her job as a doctor, and she is making the most of it. Amelia makes time for her many friends as well.

Bennet and Amelia seemed like a very promising couple, but unfortunately, they had too many differences to work out. Married at First Sight seemed to be a great experience for both of them, even though they didn’t stay together. They both still have a massive following since their time on this show and many fans are rooting for them in these next chapters of their lives.

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