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Signs Married At First Sight Season 18 Won’t Produce Successful Couples

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There are signs pointing to the notion that Married at First Sight season 18 won’t produce successful couples. The hit Lifetime romance show has been around since 2014 and is showing no indication that it will be slowing down any time soon, despite its poor success rate. Over the 17 seasons Married at First Sight has aired, there have been 64 couples. Of those 64 couples, only 12 are still together, making the success rate 18.75%. However, the couples that have lasted have solid relationships with strong connections that future MAFS participants should aspire to.

Common problems that the Married at First Sight couples face are over communication, trust, and compatibility. There have been several situations where lack of attraction has been detrimental to the couples. Notably, in Married at First Sight season 17, Brennan Shoykhet was initially attracted to his wife Emily Balch but lost all attraction towards her because of her negative personality when his number one ask was a positive person. Mismatchings, not enough change, and poor casting choices will all contribute to Married at First Sight season 18 producing unsuccessful couples.

The MAFS Experts Have Not Changed

The Married at First Sight experts will remain unchanged in season 18. Dr. Pepper Schwartz, who has been with the show since season 1. Pastor Cal Roberson, who has been an expert since season 4, and Dr. Pia Holec, who will be in her fourth season, have gotten a lot wrong over the years. They have failed to consider participants’ non-negotiables and have been unable to identify many of the couples’ problems and guide them toward solutions.

That said, if Married at First Sight were to have a better chance at having more successful couples, they should have replaced the experts because they haven’t been effective. In fact, Dr. Pia appears unprofessional and combative instead of a supportive figurehead, as evidenced by her interactions with the season 17 cast (via Lifetime.)

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Married at First Sight needs an overhaul of the experts not only to benefit the couples but also to add more credibility back to the show by starting with fresh therapists.

The MAFS Casting Process Remained The Same

Married at First Sight season 16 cast promo shot

Married at First Sight does a mix of casting between recruiting cast members from dating sites in the cities the show goes to and sifting through the applications that come in. The show has had a problem with casting clout chasers in the past, and it’s unclear what, if anything, they are doing to avoid choosing clout chasers in the future. In season 17, an attempted group dupe took place, where almost all the cast members endeavored to present themselves in a way to make themselves look good instead of being authentic.

Several notoriously shady figures and true villains have been cast over the years as well, which has diminished the show’s credibility.

If the casting process remains the same, more clout chasers will be able to get through.

The marriage that those individuals get put in will more than likely be doomed because the clout chaser has ulterior motives and might not actually be ready for marriage – just 15 minutes of fame.

The MAFS Season 18 Trailer Shows Volatile Cast Members

Married At First Sight Season 18 cast members with face in palms

The Married at First Sight season 18 trailer was shown at the end of season 17, and a different version was shown at the end of the season 17 reunion – and there were some major red flags. Season 17 had a runaway bride situation, and it looks like that exact same scenario could happen again because a bride with cold feet was shown anxiously considering ditching the experience. Moreover, there was a clip of one couple questioning their longevity. There will also be a big personality next season who will display volatile behavior by swearing at their partner and saying they were not everybody’s cup of tea in so many words.

The cards are stacked against the Married at First Sight season 18 couples in terms of their potential success in their marriages. The casting process is faulty and will likely give way to problematic cast members that could hinder the process’s success. The experts have proven they don’t have what it takes to match and guide the couples properly, and the season 18 trailer has showcased turmoil among the couples, which all doesn’t bode well for the season’s success.

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