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Married At First Sight’s Michael Updates Fans on Relationship with Chloe After Split

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Married At First Sight star Michael Shiakallis Jr. revealed a relationship update with Chloe Brown after the couple’s breakup during the marriage experiment. Michael married Chloe after the experts rematched them during the experiment when Michael’s original bride ran away, leaving the couple to get married six weeks after the original four couples. The couple experienced immediate chemistry from the time they saw each other at the altar. However, with Chloe and Michael entering the experiment late, they had a lot of work to do to catch up and get to know each other better, which was a challenge at times.

Michael from Married At First Sight subtly revealed where his relationship with Chloe Brown stands after he shared an Instagram post of the two embracing.

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Michael shared an Instagram post that included a series of photos and videos, with one showing him and Chloe embracing for all his followers to see.

In the post caption, Michael wrote, “XVII: Epilogue,” possibly referring to the ending and aftermath of his stint on Married At First Sight. The post included a video slide of Michael and his friends seemingly watching the final episode of MAFS season 17, and at the end of the slide, fans were treated to a photo of Michael and Chloe in a sweet embrace, confirming that the two are still in each other’s lives, even if they are not married.

MAFS Fans Love That Michael & Chloe Are Still Friends

After Michael shared the Instagram post with a photo that included Chloe, fans were thrilled to see that the two remain friends. Fans and viewers were able to watch the relationship between Chloe and Michael play out over the entirety of their time during the marriage experiment in Married At First Sight season 17. The exes seemed to have navigated through their breakup and remain close. With this recent post from Michael, many happy fans were left wondering why the two aren’t still together.

MAFS Season 17 Michael Chloe

One comment from Instagram user @isalilly66 shares this sentiment as they wrote, “I just don’t get how she and Michael did not work out. It’s like they are each other’s peanut butter and jelly.” Another comment from @theblackpegbundy stated, “The fact that you and Chloe are still friends warms my heart.” Despite their relationship being over, fans can’t help but feel a sense of happiness and reassurance knowing that the special friendship and bond between Michael and Chloe continues to thrive.

Despite their communication issues and minor arguments, it seemed that Michael and Chloe were going to make it through the experiment together. They explored the unique experiment and their relationship away from the other couples, allowing the two to get to know each other thoroughly. The two seemed to be in good spirits and content in their relationship leading up to the final episode. However, in the end, Michael decided to divorce on Decision Day at the end of the experiment, while Chloe chose to stay together. Despite this, the ex couple seems to be in good standing with each other.

Although their relationship didn’t make it outside the Married At First Sight experiment, Michael and Chloe have continued to be in each other’s lives, remaining friends even after their public breakup. Despite the ups and downs of life and the ever-changing dynamics of relationships, Michael and Chloe have continued to nurture their bond and friendship despite the romantic aspect no longer being there. It’s been great watching the two cultivate their relationship on screen and to see that the breakup hasn’t pulled the two away from each other.

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