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Married At First Sight: What Happened To Nicole & Chris After Season 16?

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Married At First Sight season 16’s Nicole Woley and Christopher Thielk met and married sight unseen during the last season of the series, but where are they now that the cameras have stopped rolling? Nicole and Chris were matched for Married At First Sight season 16, which took place in Nashville, Tennessee. While both were excited about their marriage, they spent the eight-week period struggling in their relationship as they tried to figure out if they would work in the long term. With a solid foundation of physical and emotional attraction, they put in the work to stay together.

Though Nicole and Chris were met with their fair share of drama on Married At First Sight season 16, they knew that their relationship was something they should both be taking seriously. Nicole and Chris felt they were a good match from the early episodes of the series, and though they had moments of doubt in each other and their connection, they were happiest when they were together. On Decision Day, Nicole and Chris chose to stay married, explaining that though there were still things they needed to work on, they wanted to do so together.

Nicole & Chris’ Journey

Chris Thielk and Nicole on Married At First Sight in wedding attire smiling

During their time on MAFS season 16, Nicole and Chris were two of the participants who felt strongly that the experiment had found them the person they’d been looking for. Both were aware of how serious it felt for them to enter into a marriage, and made it clear that they were looking to make the relationship work, which meant making sacrifices on both sides. Though they dealt with some issues, like trying to get Nicole’s father to support their relationship and handling integrating their many pets, the couple were able to make their marriage work by choosing each other.

The two most contentious issues the couple faced during their time on Married at First Sight was Chris saying that Nicole was “thicker” than his average type. Nicole told him that women could only use that reference and that it was insulting coming from a man, especially since she struggled with body image issues. Moreover, Nicole wanted to move in with Chris right away after the eight weeks, and Chris wanted to have a more realistic and slower approach, given that they both had leases.

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Are Nicole & Chris Still Together?


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The Married At First Sight season 16 couple have been sharing about their lives outside the show since filming wrapped, and they are currently still happily married. While Chris and Nicole dealt with some major issues during their journey on MAFS, on the other side, they’ve been able to continue to grow together. After MAFS, the couple purchased their first home in March 2024 and have shared the process of doing so on social media. They also spend a lot of time with their Married At First Sight season 16 castmates, many of whom are often featured in their social media posts.

Nicole & Chris Love Their Dogs & Careers

Nicole Woley Chris Thielk of MAFS season 16 posing in formal wear outside a forrest

While Chris and Nicole have been doing work on their relationship, which has been positive for both of them in the time since Married At First Sight season 16, they’ve also been spending some of their time working on themselves. Nicole and Chris both mention how important their careers are in their Instagram bios, with Chris working as a business coach, and Nicole working as a marketer for Forbes. The pair also love to gush about their dogs, who were a big part of their connection on Married At First Sight, and they run a joint Instagram account for the pups.

Nicole Has Branched Out Into Podcasting


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In June 2024, Nicole announced, in conjunction with Kirsten Grimes and Gina Micheletti from MAFS season 16, that they were launching a podcast. The podcast is called D-List Diaries, and the logo was created by fellow MAFS season 16 alum (and Kirsten’s ex-husband), Shaquille Dillon. Their podcast dives into what life is like for reality TV stars after the show is over.

The trio talks about motivations for going on reality TV, personal experiences, and handling controversial situations. They also talk about what life is like being “moderately recognizable.” They describe the podcast as a “blend of insider info and entertainment.” The first guest on the podcast was Chris, and the podcast has four episodes available, plus an introductory episode.

Nicole’s strong relationship with the women of Married at First Sight 16 is refreshing considering how disastrous the relationships among the women of Married at First Sight season 17 got. Emily Balch, Clare Kerr, Becca Haley, and Lauren Goodger were slated as resentful mean girls after they bashed their husbands and banded together against fifth wife Chloe Brown during their season. Nicole and the gang prove that positive relationships can come out of such a unique experience and that creating drama isn’t always the best approach.

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