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Married at First Sight: What Happened To Binh Trinh After Season 15?

Binh Trinh from Married at First Sight season 15 has come a long way since his failed marriage to Morgan Bell. Binh and Morgan both felt like they were ready for lifelong commitment when they walked down the aisle in San Diego. They had an initial setback because Binh caught COVID-19 right before their wedding day, and the wedding and their attendance at the honeymoon had to be postponed. However, Morgan was supportive, and when they did meet, they were both attracted to each other and had a picturesque wedding.

Unfortunately, things went south quickly after that during the honeymoon. Morgan got super offended when she found Binh had told fellow castmate and honeymooner Justin Hall that Morgan was not a real nurse. From there, things grew worse after Binh did not stop talking to Justin about his issues with Morgan after Morgan specifically told him not to. After becoming fed up with Binh breaking her trust, Morgan asked for a divorce. Morgan and Binh were amicable at the Reunion, and Binh admitted he needed to do a lot of work on himself after the experience.

Binh Recognized His Actions Caused The Falling Out With Morgan

Binh realized after his marriage ended that his talking badly behind Morgan’s back and not prioritizing her feelings was his fault. Morgan got villainized by viewers during the season for coming off as too harsh towards Binh for his transgressions. But Binh took responsibility for how he made Morgan feel and said he had a lot of growing to do in therapy.

On his Instagram, Binh is a big advocate for mental health and anti-bullying in a lot of his posts where he shares heartfelt motivational messages to his followers. Furthermore, Binh takes his physical fitness very seriously, and he appears proud of where he is. Binh is also still in the San Diego area and hangs out with some of his fellow castmates (excluding Justin).

Binh Is Using His Married At First Sight Fame


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In his Instagram bio, Binh touts his Married at First Sight season 15 appearance and is using his platform and Lifetime audience to further his aspirations. Binh, who was introduced as an electrical engineer on the show, is now a model with a strong affiliation with Express clothing brand. He also says that he inspires “FITNESS, FASHION, & FULFILLMENT.” All Binh’s posts appear to be professional and well-thought-out, which means that he is intentional with the things he posts.

Binh Is Single

Binh’s major sticking point after his failed marriage to Morgan was that he needed to work on himself and understand himself better. It seems that he’s still prioritizing himself, as he has not shared any posts with someone special. Binh was a memorable Married at First Sight cast member for his sense of humor, drama with Morgan, and self-awareness towards the end of the experience. He appears to be thriving after the show and promotes positivity.

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