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Married At First Sight: Signs Michael Regrets Losing Chloe (He Should Have Said Yes On Decision Day)

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Married At First Sight season 17 stars Michael Shiakallis said no to Chloe Brown on Decision Day, and there are signs that Michael regrets losing Chloe. Since the series premiered in 2014, it has had a terrible track record of setting up lasting couples. Despite the occasional success, like Doug Hehner and Jamie Otis from season 1, the couples usually end up getting divorced. Season 17 was especially bad.

Of the five couples that were married during Married At First Sight season 17, one divorced during their honeymoon, and the remaining couples followed. Only one couple said yes on Decision Day, and they broke up the day after. This season also features the show’s first runaway bride. Michael was left at the altar, but the experts gave him a second shot. He and Chloe were married soon after, and they hit it off immediately. Though they shared values and had chemistry, they still called it quits. Read on for signs that Michael regrets losing Chloe.

Michael & Chloe At The Animal Sanctuary

MAFS Season 17 Michael Chloe

The recently aired Married At First Sight special, “Where Are They Now: To Hurt Or To Heal,” was filmed eight months after production on the season wrapped. During one segment, Chloe invites Michael and several Married At First Sight season 18 cast mates to spend time at the animal sanctuary that she supports. She had taken Michael there earlier in the season when they were still married, so the place had sentimental value for them.

Chloe’s dream is to someday turn her home into a similar animal sanctuary for elderly and disabled animals.

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During this more recent visit to the sanctuary, Michael and Chloe stepped away from the group to touch base. The two are still on good terms, so they had a nice conversation. He made jokes about regretting the break-up, but, as the saying goes, there’s a little truth in every joke. Michael even told Chloe that the other Married At First Sight season 17 husbands had been giving him a hard time for not making it work with Chloe, who they all think is a great catch.

While the other Married At First Sight season 17 wives were often angry and emotional, Chloe had always been the cool one.

Michael With The Men

Married At First Sight Season 17 Michael And Chloe in images from their wedding and show

Michael and Chloe are the only Married At First Sight season 17 that ended things on good terms. The other four couples are no longer even speaking to each other. Chloe has maintained friendships with the other husbands, though she has struggled with the other women. For his part, Michael managed to still be friendly with everyone. During the “Where Are They Now: To Hurt Or To Heal” special, Michael spent time with both the men and the women.

During a cigar bar outing with season 17 cast mates Orion Martzloff and Austin Reed, Michael brought up the possibility of the relationship working out in the future.

Michael was speaking in general terms, but he appeared to be referencing his relationship with Chloe.

Unlike Michael, Orion and Austin had contentious breakups with their wives. Orion’s marriage to Lauren Goodger didn’t even make it out of the honeymoon. While Austin and his wife, Becca Haley, said yes on Decision Day, they got into a huge fight the day after and broke it off for good. Neither Orion nor Austin speak to their ex-wives, who openly hate them.

” One more button lower, and I would think you were coming on to me .”

Michael’s Outfit At Dinner

Married At First Sight Becca and Austin looking concerned inset with Michael and Chloe outset

During the Married At First Sight season 17 “Where Are They Now: To Hurt Or To Heal” special, Michael and Chloe went out for a nice dinner. Chloe was wearing a casual denim jacket, while Michael walked in wearing a suit with a white button-up shirt that was dramatically unbuttoned almost halfway down. With so much of his skin showing, Chloe said, “One more button lower, and I would think you were coming on to me.”

Michael went along with the joke, ” I mean, one more button lower, and you would need a pregnancy test .”

It’s notable that Michael, who normally has a wild sense of fashion, wore a business casual suit to dinner when he knows Chloe likes her men dressed more conservatively. During their marriage, Chloe was often bemused by Michael’s gender-bending looks. He once even tried on an ultra-feminine pearl necklace while she looked on in dismay. Chloe was a good sport about Michael’s style choices, but she was honest about the fact that she usually preferred more traditionally masculine men.

However, they were able to overcome Chloe’s “icks” enough to be the only Married At First Sight season 17 couple who consummated their marriage.

Do Michael & Chloe Have A Future?

Chloe and Michael from Married at First Sight season 17 in wedding attire with experts in the backgroound

When Michael confessed to Chloe that the other men were giving him a hard time for not making it work with her, Chloe said, “It’s proof that you can be the whole package at the wrong address.” It was clear that she didn’t see Michael as the right man for her. Though Michael nodded along with her assessment, his heart wasn’t in it. During an interview, Michael told producers, “I think for Chloe and I, the future is bright.” As for the future of Married At First Sight, hopefully season 18 will boast a better success rate than season 17.

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