Married at First Sight

MAFS Drama Can’t Break Their Bond: Clare Kerr and Emily Balch Prove Friendship Stronger Than Ever!

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Clare Kerr and Emily Balch had a tumultuous journey on “Married at First Sight,” yet their shared experiences have forged a lasting friendship.

The Season 17 stars faced significant backlash, especially in the later episodes.

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Initially, Emily garnered substantial fan support as her troubled marriage to Brennan Shoykhet unfolded. Viewers criticized Brennan for his sudden disinterest in the blonde beauty without offering any explanation.

Emily appeared as the heartbroken wife eager to salvage her marriage, but revelations later in the season exposed the pretense, causing public sentiment to turn against her. Clare, on the other hand, was criticized for ending her marriage to Cameron Frazer prematurely, without giving it a fair chance.

When fans learned that the entire cast had conspired to fabricate storylines, Clare was depicted as the ringleader, and the other wives were condemned for perpetuating the charade.

Despite the negative fan reaction, Clare and Emily’s friendship has remained strong.

Emily Balch and Clare Kerr: Closer Than Ever


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Monsters and Critics recently provided an update on the Season 17 cast, and it’s clear that Clare and Emily’s bond remains unbroken.

Recently, the pair shared photos on Instagram from a recent outing. The images featured the MAFS alums in matching dresses, cowgirl boots, and hats, enjoying an outdoor concert with friends.

Emily has been occupied with work lately, frequently sharing snapshots from her business travels on Instagram Stories. Since the show, the 29-year-old has also become a dog mom, spending time with her adorable pup, Lulu, when not busy with work or socializing.

Clare Kerr Moves On from Her MAFS Experience


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Clare took a while to go public on Instagram due to the ongoing backlash from MAFS fans. However, the negativity has subsided, and her page is free from negative comments.

Among the women in the Pink Pact, Clare is the only one still in a relationship with her new partner, though she keeps him away from the public eye.

At 27, Clare has moved past her MAFS experience and focuses on family and friends. Recently, she was a bridesmaid at a close friend’s wedding, sharing numerous photos from the beautiful outdoor event.

By all accounts, Clare is happier than ever since her time on the show.

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