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Kevin Frazier Suspects MAFS Star of Sending Nasty DM: ‘You Suck as a Host’ from Burner Account

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Kevin Frazier Receives Shady DM and Suspects a MAFS Star is Behind It

Kevin Frazier recently received a nasty DM on social media, and he suspects a Married at First Sight star might be the one behind the shady message. The long-running reunion host put the “thumb thug” on blast and asked his followers to guess which MAFS star could be behind the “you suck as a host” comment.

Who Is Married At First Sight The Journey So Far Host Kevin Frazier?

Interestingly, two names kept popping up as people reacted to the hilarious post. Some guessed Season 17 star Emily Balch, who had a tense faceoff with Kevin at the reunion. Emily’s castmate Chloe Brown also accused the blonde beauty and her Pink Pact of using burner accounts to post nasty comments about her.

Another name that surfaced was controversial Season 12 star Chris Williams, known for lashing out at his MAFS castmates and the show’s experts.


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Kevin Frazier Thinks a MAFS Alum Used a Burner Account to Troll Him

Kevin put a troll on blast after receiving a nasty DM from an Instagram user named John Bueno. The message read, “You suck as a host. Why don’t you call out the dumbaes on the show? Instead, you act like a bch and don’t say anything.”

Kevin was convinced it was a MAFS alum using the account to troll him, so the outspoken TV host responded, “But you haven’t been on the show yet…”

Kevin posted a screenshot of their exchange on Instagram and had some fun with his 82,000 followers, asking, “Who, & from what season of MAFS do you think made this burner account?”

MAFS Fans Place Their Guesses About Which Alum Sent the Nasty DM

MAFS fans comment on Kevin Frazier's post

“Let’s have some fun with this one @mafslifetime fam!” wrote Kevin in the caption of his post. “Who is salty from one of the reunions and decided to become a thumb thug 😂 best guess and caption wins!!!! #mafs #marriedatfirstsight #youknowiknow.”

“Oh, this is definitely Emily!” responded an MAFS viewer, and that wasn’t the only time Emily’s name came up.

“I smacked my head but it didn’t knock any sense into me Emily! (Ok Kevin, what do I win??” added someone else.

Another commenter guessed it was one of the Season 17 wives, writing, “One of the girls in pink (excluding Lauren).”

Interestingly, some MAFS fans went a few seasons back and tossed Chris Williams’ name into the ring. “Chris from Atlanta lol,” said the commenter. Someone else reiterated that sentiment, adding, “Hmmmm…I’m thinking Chris from the Atlanta season 🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️😂.”

Which MAFS star do you think was behind the shady DM? Place your guesses in the comment section below.

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