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Are MAFS Stars Miguel Santiago and Morgan Bell Dating? Here’s the Scoop!

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Married at First Sight Season 15: Morgan Bell and Miguel Santiago’s Unexpected Friendship

Married at First Sight Season 15 introduced viewers to a host of memorable characters, but Morgan Bell arguably stands out the most. Her contentious behavior towards her then-husband, Binh Trinh, sparked significant outrage among fans. Since the season aired, Morgan has largely kept a low profile on social media, distancing herself from the show and its drama. While the other Season 15 wives have been seen enjoying vacations and outings together, Morgan has remained noticeably absent from these gatherings.

However, it seems that Morgan has maintained a relationship with at least one of her castmates, Miguel Santiago. Miguel’s marriage to Lindy Elloway ended in 2023, and he is now single. Recently, Morgan and Miguel were spotted enjoying an outdoor adventure together in Hawaii, prompting speculation about the nature of their relationship.

Miguel and Morgan’s Hawaiian Adventure

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Miguel and Morgan recently shared a tropical getaway to Hawaii, documenting their muddy outdoor adventure at Kauai Backcountry on social media. The photos and videos showcased the pair ATVing through bumpy terrain and fishing during their fun-filled day. Miguel, who has fully recovered from spinal surgery, seemed to enjoy the activities, as did Morgan.

One particular slide showed the duo smiling for a selfie, looking wet and muddy. Miguel captioned his Instagram post, “I like how I get progressively muddier in these pictures atv #kauai #hawaii #mud #dirty,” tagging Morgan in the post.

Are Morgan and Miguel More Than Friends?

Before the posts appeared on Miguel’s main Instagram page, he and Morgan had already caught the attention of fans by sharing clips of their adventure on their Instagram Stories. Morgan’s Instagram page is private, but Miguel reshared her post where she commented on their outing. The screenshot showed Morgan behind the wheel of the ATV with Miguel beside her, and she wrote, “Before @saintmigs let me drive. Legit almost died…from all the fun.”

This unexpected adventure led fans to speculate about whether Morgan and Miguel are more than just friends. However, both have clarified their relationship status in the comment section of Miguel’s post. Morgan humorously wrote, “We put the ho in homies 🤝,” to which Miguel responded, “@missmorgan1337 sista from anotha mista 🤗,” emphasizing that they are just close friends.

The Nature of Their Friendship

Miguel Santiago Instagram Story

Morgan and Miguel’s friendship might come as a surprise to some Married at First Sight fans, but it seems genuine and platonic. Given their shared experiences on the show and the subsequent fallout from their respective marriages, it makes sense that they would find solace in each other’s company. Both have faced public scrutiny and personal challenges, which could have strengthened their bond.

Miguel’s supportive comments and their shared adventures suggest a strong friendship based on mutual respect and understanding. This bond is particularly significant given Morgan’s decision to remain private and distance herself from the MAFS spotlight. Miguel’s companionship might provide her with a sense of normalcy and camaraderie that she values.

Fan Reactions and Speculations

Fans have mixed reactions to Morgan and Miguel’s friendship. Some are thrilled to see them enjoying life post-MAFS, while others can’t help but wonder if there might be more to their relationship. Their playful interactions and shared experiences make it easy to see why fans are intrigued. However, both have been clear about their platonic relationship, emphasizing that they are “homies” and not a romantic couple.

Miguel Santiago Instagram comment

Morgan’s Life Post-MAFS

Since her time on Married at First Sight, Morgan has focused on building a private life away from the cameras. She has made significant strides in her career and personal life. Recently, she started a new job in the construction industry and bought her first home. Morgan’s Instagram post celebrating her home purchase highlighted her gratitude and dedication, saying, “Officially a HOMEOWNER!! 🏡 I’m so blessed to live the life I live. I would like to say thank you to my mom for always being supportive of my dreams and my amazing realtor @jbeavers77.”

Miguel’s Journey Post-Divorce

Miguel, on the other hand, has been more public about his life after divorcing Lindy Elloway. He celebrated his divorce in March, sharing his happiness and relief with his followers. His Instagram posts reflect his positive outlook and new beginnings. Recently, he debuted a new look with light blond hair and a clean-shaven face, indicating his readiness for new adventures.


The unexpected friendship between Morgan Bell and Miguel Santiago from Married at First Sight Season 15 has caught fans by surprise. While their Hawaiian adventure sparked rumors of a possible romantic relationship, both have clarified that they are just good friends. Their bond, built on shared experiences and mutual respect, provides a refreshing perspective on life after reality TV. As they continue to support each other and navigate their post-MAFS lives, fans will undoubtedly keep an eye on this dynamic duo, hoping for more adventures and updates.

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