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90 Day Fiance: Tim & Veronica Are Growing Apart After She Started Dating Jamal? He Forgot Her B’Day!

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Tim Malcolm has been a significant part of 90 Day Fiance. While he joined the show with Jennifer Tarazona, fans were more interested in his bonding with his best friend, Veronica. It turns out that the latter eventually became his best friend after they broke up. But they have been one of the rare couples who have been able to move past their romantic relationship and be the best of friends.

While fans used to think they were the epitome of friendship goals, Tim did something that made fans think otherwise. He admitted to forgetting his best friend’s birthday! Why did such an important day slip his mind?

90 Day Fiance

90 Day Fiance: Tim Malcolm Admits Goofing Up & Forgetting Veronica’s Birthday!

Noted 90 Day Fiance celeb Tim Malcolm has been admired by many. While he, too, has his fair share of trolls. He doesn’t let them get to him. They have made fun of his clothing choices and questioned his sexuality.

But Tim has handled these matters with ease. However, he is being criticized a lot again. That’s because he admitted to forgetting his best friend Veronica’s birthday. Fans found it baffling as they often say they are very important to each other and even consider each other their family.

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There was a time when the audience thought they might just get back together, but they have made it obvious it won’t happen. But Tim made up for it with an extremely sweet gesture. It turns out that he shared a picture with his best friend, Veronica, from 13 years ago.


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In fact, it made 90 Day Fiance fans realize how deep their friendship goes. At the same time, the star admitted he hadn’t completely forgotten about Rodriguez’s special day. But he always had the tendency to get the dates wrong. So, Tim was under the impression that it was on the 13th of August instead of the 11th.

While calling himself a “horrible friend,” the celeb admitted his best friend is always on his mind. He was also grateful for all the times Veronica had gone out of her way to make him happy. That’s when fans realized everything was okay between the two.

90 Day Fiance: Tim Malcolm Making A Comeback With A New Woman?

At this point, fans have gotten used to seeing Tim and Veronica become a part of 90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk and also become guests at some Tell-Alls. The latter appeared in The Single Life and revealed dating Kim Menzie’s son Jamal.

But Tim had not given any updates about his love life in a long, long time. Until this year when viewers spotted him with a mystery woman. Apparently, he was sitting in a park with a new woman in Charlotte.

Guess who’s filming in charlotte today!
byu/Accomplished-End8603 in90dayfianceuncensored

That’s not all, fans also spotted a filming crew with the supposedly new couple. That’s when they began to speculate that Tim would be returning in one of the spin-offs. However, no further details are there about his new mystery woman.

In any case, fans were happy to see him welcoming love back into his life. So, are you excited about Tim’s comeback to the show with a new woman?

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