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90 Day Fiance: More American Citizens Are Reporting Michael Ilesanmi To Homeland Security!

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Michael and Angela have been together for seven years. But she discovered a shocking truth about his life. The 90 Day Fiance star had her suspicions about him scamming her. Well, the recent Happily Ever After episodes are shedding light on this matter. She got the shock of her life after going through Michael’s phone and discovering he might be a part of a money ring.

90 day fiance

On social media, Angela has been trying to tag Homeland Security in hopes of exposing Michael and his scam. It seems as if a lot of viewers had a change of heart. They have been in support of Angela since the new episodes came out and have taken to reporting Michael as well.

90 Day Fiance: Michael Ilesanmi Constantly Getting Reported To Homeland Security! Fans Want Justice For Angela?

In the new 90 Day Fiance episodes, Angela asked Michael for his phone. That’s when she found out about a WhatsApp group, Paradise Men. It had pictures of huge bundles of money and people googling “Life insurance.” It made Angela wonder if Michael had ever contemplated killing her. The latter tried to justify it by saying it was a group for Nigerian men who are also in the middle of getting their K1 visas. He became part of it to learn from them and ace his interviews.

Angela didn’t buy any of this and continued to threaten her husband. In the current timeline, she has been using social media to get proof against Michael. She is doing so and reporting him to Homeland Security for scamming her. It turns out that another star from the show, Lisa Hamme, also followed cues and reported Michael. Apparently, a lot of Americans are on Angela’s side and have been doing the same.

Chances are Angela is manipulating the narrative and asking her close friends to report her husband. As of the last update, Michael had run away from Hazelhurst, Georgia, where he was living with Angela. He did so two months after coming to America with her and has been in Indiana. When she reported him missing, he called the cops to let them know he hadn’t gone missing but had run away from his wife instead due to the abuse.

90 Day Fiance

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90 Day Fiance fans have been shocked after seeing the new episodes. A lot of people said Angela got what she deserved, as karma is sweet. For many years, they had seen her openly abuse Michael mentally and physically, too. Hence, they felt it was fair for Michael to scam her and play the long game.

At the same time, some are supporting Angela because they feel Michael was in the wrong for lying to someone he allegedly loved for 7 years. Hence, they have been saying it was absolutely wrong of him to put his wife through such turmoil. There is also another group of people who find both of them equally problematic and say they got what they deserved.

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