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90 Day Fiancé: Kalani Faagata & Boyfriend Dallas Nuez’s Relationship Timeline Explained

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90 Day Fiancé star Kalani Faagata and her boyfriend Dallas Nuez were in a secret relationship for a year before she finally revealed him as her “hall pass guy.” Kalani from California and Asuelu Pulaa from Samoa became a couple when they met in Samoa during her vacation. Asuelu was Kalani’s first love, and she decided to lose her virginity to him. She brought him to the U.S. on a K-1 visa on 90 Day Fiancé season 6. By then, Kalani and Asuelu were also parents to their son Oliver. Their second baby, Kennedy, arrived shortly after they married.

Throughout her relationship, Kalani was being a parent to three kids. Asuelu was immature and took no responsibility for helping her raise their sons. There were instances where Asuelu proved he was a dangerous father. Kalani claimed her kids had almost died when he was around them. Kalani came clean about Asuelu’s infidelity on 90 Day: The Last Resort. Asuelu had cheated on Kalani 10–12 times and had been cheating on her throughout their relationship, even when she was pregnant the first time. His cheating on her in Samoa and getting a yeast infection was the last straw for the American woman.

Asuelu Blocked Kalani In March 2022

90 Day Fiance Asuelu Pulaa with happy expression wearing cap and printed shirt and looking sad in the background photo

In March 2022, Kalani revealed that Asuelu had unfollowed and blocked her on Instagram after watching a new episode of 90 Day Diaries. Kalani shared an Instagram Story saying, “Mr. BooHole blocked me.” She wrote that her 90 Day Fiancé co-star Larissa Lima had blocked her as well and joked that Larissa blocking her had “actually hurt” her feelings. Asuelu did not comment on blocking on his wife. However, fans observed that he now no longer following both Kalani and her sister Kolini. The episode showed Kalani blaming Asuelu for not pulling his weight when it came to household duties.

Asuelu Confirms He’s Single In June 2022

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Asuelu shared a lengthy message on Instagram after fans kept asking him where his wife was. He said, “IDK” and claimed that Kalani no longer wanted to join his TikTok live and didn’t want to film new videos.

“She’s different from how she used to be.”

Asuelu shared that Kalani refused to go out with him even though he was giving her and the boys everything they needed. Asuelu admitted he had a “lot to say” but was under contract and deleted the post. Asuelu later recorded himself taking out the trash and wrote, “When people know that I’m single,” confirming his split with Kalani.

Asuelu Flew To Samoa In October 2022

Asuelu Pulaa from 90 Day: The Last Resort smiling shyly in black v-neck t-shirt

In October 2022, Asuelu shared a video from inside a place captioned, “Can’t wait to surprise my family.” Asuelu lived in Samoa for the next few months and, as revealed by Kalani during 90 Day: The Last Resort, he was there to meet his dad. It was during this trip that Asuelu cheated on Kalani with someone and got a yeast infection. He had been telling people that he was single. He assured Kalani it was just a kiss, but she later found out he had accepted oral sex. Kalani noticed that Asuelu had a white tongue during a video call.

Kalani Met Her “Hall Pass Guy” Dallas In November 2022

90 Day Fiance star Kalani Faagata's Instagram story of boyfriend Dallas facing away from the camera in the water

Following his oral yeast infection, Asuelu gave Kalani a “hall pass” so she could go and kiss someone outside their marriage. Kalani had met Dallas on social media. However, Asuelu’s solution backfired, since he didn’t think Kalani would step outside their marriage. Kalani did more than just kiss the “hall pass guy.” She slept with him and developed feelings for Dallas. As revealed by Kalani in her Instagram Story from November 2023, she “waited a year” to make her relationship with Dallas Instagram official, which she did by sharing a shirtless photo of her boyfriend and tagging him.

Since November 2022, Dallas has started making appearances on Kalani’s Instagram, but fans didn’t know who he was. In December 2022, Kalani shared a video of her clinking cocktail glasses with her mystery man. When someone asked her who the man was, Kalani joked, “The new man in life’s name is… Jesus.” However, Kalani kept teasing about the presence of a new man in her life by posting pictures of his tattooed hands. In July 2023, TheSun confirmed Kalani was in a relationship with a man named Dallas who worked for a private security company in California.

Kalani & Asuelu Filmed Last Resort In January 2023

It was revealed that Kalani had already met Dallas’ family, and they were both ready to move in together. Kalani kept Dallas’ identity a secret as per her contractual obligations. She spoke about him for the first time in October 2023 during an episode of 90 Day: The Last Resort when she decided she was going to divorce Asuelu and pick Dallas. After all, he’d flown to Florida to her resort to see her. Considering the timeline, Kalani was already dating Dallas at the time, but appeared on the show to give Asuelu a last chance.

Dallas Reveals Details About Himself

Dallas Nuez in 90 Day Fiance on Instagram with photo holding his baby with Kalani Faagata

While Dallas doesn’t like sharing pictures of his face on social media, he does like interacting with his followers on Instagram from time to time. In November 2023, Dallas answered some of his fans’ burning questions, especially about Kalani. He said that Kalani makes him very happy and that it feels “nice” that he doesn’t have to hide his relationship with Kalani anymore because he loves “bragging about her.” Kalani’s happiness means everything to her boyfriend. However, Dallas is not interested in being a reality TV star himself. Someone asked if he would appear in 90 Day Fiancé.

Dallas replied, “That’s going to be a no for me.”

Fans have the misconception that Dallas is Samoan like Kalani and Asuelu. However, he isn’t. Dallas is from multiple places. He’s revealed he is from Kahuku, Hawaii, and Ormoc, Leyte in The Philippines. Dallas does have a Samoa connection, but that’s because his stepmother is Dallas’ stepmom’s family is “Samoan/Mexican/Filipino.” Dallas currently has family members based out of Kahuku and La’ie. His family in La’ie is Mormon but he “didn’t grow up” with them. Dallas has been getting 90 Day Fiancé’s Kalani to experience his Hawaiian and Filipino traditions since they got together.


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