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90 Day Fiance: Jeymi & Gabe Join Forces For A New Business!

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When The Other Way’s previous season premiered on TLC, 90 Day Fiance fans got to see many interesting new couples. One of them was Kris and Jeymi. They were a same-sex couple and depicted their journey from Colombia. Alas, they accused eachother of scamming, and it ended badly. However, another couple, Isabel and Gabe proved everyone wrong.

Gabe is a trans man, so fans assumed it would be hard for him to get Isabel’s parents on board. But they had a beautiful wedding ceremony but things blew apart after a few months. He accused his wife of spending all his hard-earned money and scamming her. Well, it looks like after their heartbreaks, Jeymi and Gabe have joined forces for something new.

90 Day Fiance: Jeymi & Gabe Introduce Their New Business!

Jeymi and Kris are a few of the rare same-sex couples to feature on the show. 90 Day Fiance fans were impressed by the diversity TLC tried to bring in with their previous season of The Other Way. The latter had intended to move to Colombia with her partner, and together, they wanted to open a food truck with both their cuisines, i.e., a combination of American and Venezuelan food. But as they broke up, they couldn’t follow through with their dreams.

As far as Gabe and Isabel are concerned, the former has been a proud entrepreneur of his underwear line ‘Get More Proud’ wear. It’s specifically for female-to-male transitioned people, which is prepacked. But he sadly informed viewers that Isabel drained his bank account and scammed him out of everything. So, he was also struggling.

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Jeymi And Gabe Tour Guides
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It turns out that Gabe and Jeymi decided to join forces regarding a brand-new business venture. The 90 Day Fiance stars shared an Instagram story about this travel tour business. They wanted fans to visit Colombia, and they would be their guides during their trip. Meals, accommodation, airport transfers, and so on would all be part of their venture.

90 Day Fiance: Fans Give Their Verdict About Jeymi & Gabe’s Business!

A Redditor shared the screenshot of Jeymi and Gabe’s new business on a thread. Everyone was quick to pass a verdict. Many 90 Day Fiance fans were tired of seeing stars coming up with shady ventures and making easy money instead of working sincerely. Hence, this idea didn’t impress them.


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Some were on board, with Jeymi being their tour guide, so they joked about if they would get a discount if they didn’t want Gabe. Another fan suggested that Luke from Love In Paradise should join forces with them with his “travel company.” All in all, the friends from the show didn’t really receive a positive response from the audience.

Do you think Jeymi and Gabe would successfully be able to pull off their business venture? Would you be interested in touring with them in Colombia? Tell us in the comments below how you feel about their new initiative.

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