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90 Day Fiancé: David Toborowsky Reveals Annie Suwan’s Shocking Job When She First Met Him

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90 Day Fiancé star David Toborowsky has revealed where Annie Suwan was working when they first met in Thailand. David from Louisville, Kentucky was first seen in season 5 with Annie from Beung Khan, Thailand. David and Annie had a 24-year age difference between them, but that didn’t create problems between them. David struggled financially during their initial days together. However, David and Annie’s luck changed after they became successful 90 Day Fiancé stars. David and Annie went from living in a friend’s storage unit to owning a 2,219-square-foot Arizona house.

David Toborowsky is answering a burning question 90 Day Fiancé fans usually ask about Annie Suwan’s past.

David recently shared a picture on Instagram revealing a shocking detail from Annie’s past that no one knew about.

The throwback photo showed Annie standing with a group of people wearing red uniforms with blue scarves smiling with Christmas decorations behind them. David revealed it was Annie and her co-workers from when she worked at a hotel in Thailand. He said that many people had asked him about what Annie did before she met him. He said that Annie was working in the front office of a 4-star hotel in Jomtien Beach, Thailand near Pattaya.

How Did David Meet Annie?

David Toborowsky In 90 Day Fiance in blue shirt romantically hugging Annie in selfie

Fans rushed to the comments saying Annie’s personality was perfect for the job. Someone wrote that the job wasn’t easy at all. However, Annie’s infectious smile in the photo won hearts. Fans praised her for her impressive past. It wasn’t revealed on the show when David spoke about how he met her for the first time. David was 48 years old with three children and five grandchildren. He had previously weighed 350 pounds and divorced from his wife of 21 years. David had lost his house, and his job and suffered a stroke before he decided to take charge of his life.

David was destitute and his life was in a place he didn’t wish on his worst enemy. However, after hitting restart and losing weight, David packed his bags and flew to Thailand, where he met his true love, Annie. He was sitting at a bar one evening and happened to hear someone singing. It sounded like the voice of an angel. David offered to buy her a drink, and they started talking and went out. Their personalities complimented each other as both were very playful. He admitted the mindset Annie put him in didn’t make him feel he was older.

David Toborowsky in maroon shirt looking glum sitting next to Annie Suwan in yellow striped top who's smiling in Bares All In 90 Day Fiance

Annie was an amazing woman who made him feel like he had hit the lottery. David proposed to Annie just after dating her for a week or two. They planned to come to America together and that’s how their 90 Day Fiancé journey started. David and Annie have come a long way since season 5, but they haven’t changed as people. They are just as happy together as they were 10 years ago and are even planning to have a baby together. If anything, David and Annie’s love for each other has only grown stronger.

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