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90 Day Fiance: Armando & Kenny Finally Step In To Have A Baby Together! Feeling EMBARRASSED?

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90 Day Fiance stars Armando, and Kenny struggled to reach common ground when it came to having a baby together. Fans saw their favorite couple butting heads for the first time in years. The former wanted a baby with his partner. However, Kenny was hesitant due to his age.

The latter felt he would be too old when the child grew up. Still, they chose to give preference over each other’s happiness and went for it. Fans were happy to see that the reality TV stars were supporting each other. Hence, they decided to go with surrogacy to have a biological child.

Now, the couple remains super excited to welcome a new member into their family. Finally, they took the first step towards surrogacy. But why was Armando feeling embarrassed?

90 Day Fiance: Armando & Kenny Finally Start Their Surrogacy Process!

Kenny Neidermeier and Armando Rubio had been dreaming about having a child together. Fans of the 90 Day Fiance franchise saw them making the rounds to fertility clinics in the past few episodes. Previously, the two went together to choose an egg donor.

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They decided to go with the surrogacy process to have their first baby together. However, the biggest challenge started after they started the process. ET recently shared a new sneak peek of the upcoming episode. In it, Kenny and Armando went to the clinics to submit their DNA for the process.

Well, Armando confessed that he was feeling awkward and embarrassed to be there. He felt that everyone in the clinic knew what they were doing for the sample. Kenny assured him that the team was habitual of that. But he was giving up everything to their fate. Kenny stated, “We have decided to do the milkshake approach,” He informed his fans that the doctors would mix their DNA and fertilize it for the baby-making process.

90 Day Fiance

Kenny noted that the child would be “freaking loved” even though the pair were already parents from their previous marriages. Soon, a nurse visited them and showed them their separate room for them to submit their samples. However, Armando looked nervous after entering the room.

He missed his partner, Kenny, and hoped he was there with him that time. Kenny and Armando felt a bit emotional to be in the room because their samples would determine their baby.

90 Day Fiance: Armando Laughs At Kenny For Being Too Choosy About Their Egg Donor!

Armando and Kenny had been waiting to get started to have a baby with the surrogacy process. Finally, they went to a fertility clinic to choose an egg donor. In one 90 Day Fiance episode, the doctor told them to choose at least five people from the list, and they would decide the rest.

However, Armando couldn’t control his laugh when he saw Kenny’s picky behavior. The latter didn’t hesitate to say next while taking a look at the option. He was making weird comments such as “different looking” and “duck lips.”


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The doctor was also shocked to see the way Kenny was rejecting all the options. Further, Armando revealed that he was trying to be polite by just saying “next.” But his partner was way more blunt and to the point while choosing the donor.

But the couple was happy to be together and going ahead with the process.

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