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Why Fans Are Comparing Love Without Borders To 90 Day Fiancé & MAFS

Bravo’s latest reality show Love Without Borders is accurately getting called a blend of 90 Day Fiancé and Married At First Sight. The show follows five Americans who leave the U.S. for an undisclosed country in the search of their perfect match. It has taken elements from both of these hit reality shows, and added its own flavor, which fans are eager to see play out on screen.

Reddit users had a lot to say about the new show after u/milkncookiez6657 posted the first look. Many fans think that Love Without Borders is similar to 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, and they are probably right. The Other Way follows Americans as they journey abroad to pursue a relationship with someone living outside the U.S. Love Without Borders is doing the same thing, though they don’t actually know the people they are moving across the world for. Even though some of the couples on 90 Day Fiancé have never met in person and are practically strangers, the cast members on Love Without Borders are literal strangers. One Redditor said, “so it’s 90 Day Fiance + Married at First Sight, as interpreted by Bravo?” and was excited to check it out.

Fans Think Love Without Borders Is Ridiculous

While fans are used to the wild scenarios on The Other Way, some Reddit users said that Love Without Borders was outlandish even by reality TV standards, saying “this is such a ridiculous setup imo.” The Bravo show is especially intense because cast members are giving up their whole lives, careers, and even heartbreakingly leaving their pets, to move to a foreign country for someone they have never met before. The absurdity of the Love Without Borders premise has fans hooked already, even though most agree that it would be a complete shock if any of the five couples lasted after the show.

Fans are starting to see a similar connection between Love Without Borders and Married at First Sight. In both reality shows, the cast members are boldly starting a serious relationship without even knowing their partner’s name. Married At First Sight has a notoriously poor success rate, and fans will just have to wait and see if Love Without Borders follows that same pattern.

Another similarity between the shows is the use of matchmakers. In both shows, relationship experts sort through a series of candidates to match people to their “soulmates.” In Love Without Borders, matchmaking expert Arica Angelo can pick from anyone in the entire world, giving her several billion more options to choose from. MAFS changes cities throughout the seasons, but everyone who gets matched lives in the same city. While fans see the similarities between Love Without Borders and many reality shows before it, the new cast members and wild premise still has fans eager to see what happens next.

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