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What Happened To Mindy & Zach After MAFS Season 10 & Divorce?

Mindy Shiben and Zach Justice first appeared on Married at First Sight, season 10, but have since moved on with their lives. On the show, their marriage never quite took off, as Zach decided not to move into the apartment the participants are given on the show. Zach was closed off from Mindy, and never fully opened up to her. They struggled to connect due to Zach’s indifference, so it was no surprise to fans when they chose to divorce. They’ve both ventured out on their paths, and appear to be happy, although Mindy has spoken out many times about her experiences on the show.

Mindy and Zach were at odds throughout the entire process. On their honeymoon, Mindy felt as though her husband was treating her too much like a friend. Although Zach said he wanted a friendship to grow between the two of them, he later admitted that he wasn’t attracted to her. This was the beginning of the end, though it wasn’t the most disastrous divorce on MAFS. As the process continued, Zach drifted further away from Mindy. The final nail in the coffin of their marriage was when Mindy found out that Zach had been inappropriately flirting with one of her friends. Unsurprisingly, the pair divorced.

Mindy Might Be Dating A Fellow Married At First Sight Alum

Since her time on MAFS, Mindy has spoken out about her experience numerous times, and may have even found love. She claimed that, even after the season ended, fans still reached out to her and asked about Zach. In fact, the drama after MAFS season 10 was too much for Mindy. She ended up moving to Mexico for a much-needed fresh start. In February 2023, she and MAFS season 14 alum Steve Moy posted photos, which prompted assumptions that they were dating. This hasn’t been confirmed or denied by Mindy or Steve.

Zach Is Focused On Fitness After Married At First Sight


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Zach, on the other hand, has been focused on his fitness career and business. He regularly posts pictures on his Instagram which highlight his impressive physique. He also gives workout tips to his followers. He’s currently focused on his business, The Casual Athlete, and doesn’t appear to be dating. Zach’s home base is Washington, D.C., and he appears to have completely moved on from Married At First Sight. Overall, the exes seem content, with both appearing happy in their post-reality TV lives.

Zach and Mindy weren’t the only MAFS season 10 couple that chose to separate. Katie and Derek divorced later, despite initially staying together on Decision Day. The process can be tough on any relationship, and Mindy was right to highlight conflict resolution as an important aspect of the process. Many couples don’t know how to look past their anger, and simply forgive the other person. Pairs struggled with those sorts of issues during Mindy’s season. Hopefully, Steve and Mindy are enjoying their relationship. Married At First Sight is an intense process, and the low success rate shows that some people aren’t right for the series.

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