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What Happened To Jasmine & Airris After Married At First Sight Season 16?

Season 16 of Married At First Sight introduced viewers to Airris Williams and Jasmine Secrest, and a lot has happened with them after the show. Airris from Nashville, Tennessee, was finding it difficult to settle down as he had always been unlucky in love. The experts matched 39-year-old Airris with Jasmine from Memphis, who lived in Murfreesboro. She wished for a marriage that would be just like her parents’. However, like Airris, Jasmine was unable to find her soulmate. Both had very little experience with serious relationships and had different views on sex.

Jasmine shied away from discussing personal matters outside the bedroom. Jasmine caught her husband dancing with another girl at the bar. She discovered Airris had been unfaithful in a couple of his previous relationships. Jasmine feared Airris would cheat on her at any moment. Meanwhile, Arris felt a lack of attraction to Jasmine and floated the idea of an open marriage. He also allowed his cousin to treat Jasmine poorly, although he apologized to her during the reunion. This lack of trust, mixed with a lack of compatibility, led to Airris and Jasmine’s separation.

Jasmine From MAFS Changed Careers

According to GossipNextDoor, one of Jasmine’s jobs was working as a breeder at Royal Doodles & Poodles located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Jasmine called herself a “huge animal lover” and wished to provide “top quality beloved companions” for her clients. Jasmine had also competed in beauty pageants, securing the title of Miss Jackson, Tennessee. She’d walked the runway in Jackson to get the Miss Tennessee 2013 title and won a trip to Atlantic City, New Jersey, for 2013’s Miss America pageant.

Jasmine was attending Middle Tennessee State University at the time. She majored in health and human performance with a concentration on recreation therapy. Jasmine was later crowned United States of America’s Miss 2021. Meanwhile, she also served as the All-Star Supervisor at Premiere Athletics. Jasmine had added one more feather to her cap after Married At First Sight. She writes she’s an “Esthetician” in her Instagram bio. In January 2024, Jasmine announced the start of her journey as an Esthetician with Med Spa Skin Confidence in Murfreesboro. Jasmine offers facial services, waxing services, and body treatments and is a certified lash artist.

Airris Started A Running Organization


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Airris worked as a software developer at HCA Healthcare, according to GossipNextDoor, He had a career in law enforcement before the COVID-19 pandemic. Airris used to work in the Corrections and Rehabilitation Department in California as a Correctional Officer and later as a Probation Parole Officer. Airris switched to software engineering after the pandemic. Airris has a certificate from the Full-Stack Software Development Bootcamp of Nashville Software School, apart from his Bachelor of Applied Science in Finance from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Airris started a run group called “Freaksrunout@night” in Nashville in October 2023.

Are Jasmine & Airris In Communication?

Airris spoke to Distracify in January 2023 where he hinted at ending things with Jasmine on a positive note. Airris said, “Jasmine and I relied on each other a lot when the filming aspect became too stressful for one of us.” He added there “was not a time” where he felt that he would walk away during the entire process. They still follow each other on Instagram.

Airris was recently spotted hanging out with the Married At First Sight cast. Shaquille Dillon shared a video with his friends Clint Webb, Christopher Daniel, Mackinley Gilbert, and Airris to welcome 2024. Jasmine, on the other hand, isn’t too keen on mingling with her co-stars, as there are no pictures that suggest it on her IG feed. Airris and Jasmine formed a solid friendship on the show if anything.

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