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Todd Chrisley’s Daughter Gets A Fan Beatdown

When Todd Chrisley was still on Chrisley Knows Best, he had many fans and so did his daughter Savannah, and Nanny Faye, but that fell away since he went to prison for tax and fraud-related offenses. Actually, the entire family takes some hard criticism, and this week, critics had a beatdown on his daughter.

Todd Chrisley’s Daughter Gets A Thumbs-Down

Chrisley Knows Best fans know that the former Reality TV star has three daughters. Lindsie is the child of Todd’s former wife, Teresa Terry. Meanwhile, Savannah is the product of his union with Julie. Then there’s Chloe. She was adopted by Todd and Julie but she was Lindsie’s brother Kyle’s daughter.

Todd Chrisley With Savannah - Instagram

Todd Chrisley’s daughter Savannah gets slammed for highlighting poor prison conditions. Bear in mind, that she only got interested in that after her parents ended up behind bars. Meanwhile, Chloe gets critics talking about her being a wild child. And, Lindsie Chrisley seems to rile up Chrisley Knows Best fans more than Savannah does. So, she gets the biggest thumbs-down right now.

Lindsie Chrisley Gets A Beatdown By Fans

Why do people get so irritated with Todd’s oldest daughter? Well, it started back when father and daughter became estranged. Both of them always went on about God, but she resolutely refused to forgive him for whatever he did. But before he went to prison, she did. At one stage, there were suggestions by Kyle, that his mom and Lindsie had tuned his dad in to the Georgia Department of Revenue on allegations of tax evasion.

Kyle With Chloe Chrisley - Instagram

The daughter of Todd Chrisley is getting beaten down because of nothing to do with her dad or the tax accusations. Instead, she takes a lot of heat because she broke things off with her boyfriend, Trent. She dropped the hints, then got upset with fans for talking about it. And, many people think her child, Jackson is affected by the drama.

Lindsie Chrisley Generated Heated Discussions

One beatdown came on a Reddit thread when the OP shared:

lindsie loves to spill the tea on other people so much but don’t talk about her.

In the comments, USA Network fans gave her a lot of unlovely thoughts.

  • .She’s the queen of vague posting and then getting mad when people ask for more details…
  • One aggravating this she does is explain things in a round about way, then she gets mad when people start questioning her…

Todd Chrisley's Daughter With Trent - Lindsie Chrisley - Instagram

On another Reddit thread, an OP talked about how Lindsie Chrisley seems to be a lot like her father, Todd.

Talking down to people…Clearly it’s a trait passed down from Todd because Lindsie cannot stop talking down to people. She has zero respect for anyone else’s opinions and quite frankly lacks common sense and communication skills. Her relationships keep falling apart because she is rude and pathologically obsessed with positioning herself as a victim while acting like an aggressor. It seems like every failed relationship has her regretting divorce since Will took so much of her sh-t.

This time, the comments flowed in. Here are some of the beatdown examples:

  • She complains about people on Reddit, but maybe she should pay more attention to us lol. I remember a number of posters here who predicted that the relationship with Trent would not last. Perhaps she should have listened?
  • She wants everyone to respect her boundaries ( but doesn’t feel like she should have to tell people what they are.) She wants people to take accountability for their actions, but refuses to apologize because she “means what she says”. Anything that she doesn’t do she will quickly point out that “she wasn’t raised that way” without understanding that she is invalidating what the other person is saying.

Lindsie Chrisley Beatdown - Reddit

What are your thoughts about the beatdown that fans gave Lindsey Chrisley? Do you agree that she seems to talk down to everyone else? Is she like her dad, Todd Chrisley in that respect? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Chrisley Know’s Best family news.


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