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Todd Chrisley Changed Holiday Plans Amid Prison Bombshell

Todd Chrisley and Julie Chrisley used to celebrate the holidays with family, friends, and festivities. But then the Chrisley Knows Best patriarch and matriarch received notice that they would spend years in prison due to fraud convictions.

And when the news came, Todd changed everything with regard to their last holiday before prison. Keep reading for all the details.

Todd Chrisley – Flipped Holiday Switch To Off

Chrisley Knows Best patriarch and matriarch Todd Chrisley and Julie Chrisley received their combined prison sentences of 19 years on November 22, 2022. And the news made Todd and Julie change all their plans for Thanksgiving 2022, according to People.

But Todd’s daughter Lindsie Chrisley revealed that he felt especially strongly about avoiding outsiders amid the prison sentence bombshell. “We had no idea what was gonna happen for the holidays,” shared the 34-year-old. “But the general plan was that we were all going to be in Tennessee at my parents’ house.”

However, “once the sentencing came down, my parents wanted no one in their home. I completely understand, your world has just been rocked,” pointed out Lindsie. “And the last thing I would want to be doing is entertaining anyone.”

Lindsie Chrisley – Gets ‘Overwhelmed’

As a result of Todd’s cancellation, Lindsie needed to come up with a new plan for Thanksgiving. But first, she received a surprise. “Next day, my biological mom shows up in my driveway. It’s just me, her and [my son] Jackson at my house,” she recalled.

And Lindsie shared that her mother Teresa Terry’s appearance “ended up being good. Because I didn’t feel like I had to be alone,” she explained. “And Jackson had someone to play with if I wanted to be in my sad girl era. So that part was good. But I just feel like I was so overwhelmed. Didn’t know what to expect or what to do. “

And in the end, the family headed out to dinner. “I will not lie to you guys, I did not think the food was great at Cracker Barrel for Thanksgiving,” admitted Lindsie. “I think I had the experience you had where you’re used to one thing and you have something else, it just doesn’t feel like home … it was just a very nontraditional Thanksgiving.”

Todd Chrisley Changed Holiday Plans Amid Prison Bombshell

Todd Chrisley – Maintains Innocence

Both Chrisley Knows Best stars Todd, 54, and Julie, 50, still claim that they remain innocent of the alleged crimes. But they received lengthy sentences for their alleged bank fraud and tax evasion.

First Todd received a sentence of 12 years in prison. And then Julie received a sentence of seven years behind bars.

However, in September, the Federal Bureau of Prisons shortened their sentences. And Todd will receive his release almost two years earlier than the original date.

But Julie’s release date got shortened by only 14 months. And both still must serve 16 months of probation after they complete their prison sentences.

Meanwhile, Todd’s and Julie’s sons Chase Chrisley and Grayson Chrisley and daughter Savannah Chrisley will need to make their Thanksgiving plans this year with their parents behind bars.

But both Savannah and Chase continue to proclaim their parents’ innocence. Thus far, Todd and Julie have served nearly 10 months of their sentences.

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