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Married at First Sight

These Married At First Sight Experts Should Be Fired

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The Married at First Sight experts have proven that the show needs an overhaul when it comes to who is making the decisions about the right matches. The participants in the Married at First Sight experiment trust the experts to pair them up with their forever person based on their compatibilties, non-negotiables, and personalities. However, the experts have dropped the ball the last several seasons, and have had a very poor success rate with couples since season 14. On Married at First Sight season 17, Dr. Pepper Schwartz, Pastor Calvin “Cal” Roberson, and Dr. Pia Holec are the experts. These three have been the panel for the last three seasons.

Dr. Pepper from Married at First Sight Season 17 in pink cardigan talking

The three experts are especially being put on blast this season because, as of the latest episode, only two out of five couples are left with the season only halfway through. Michael was ditched at the altar by his bride, Orion asked Lauren for a divorce after they had a series of unfortunate wayward discussions, and Cameron and Clare arrived at fundamental differences which caused them to separate after one month. The remaining two couples, Emily and Brennan and Becca and Austin are each hanging on by a thread because of their incompatibility issues.

Dr. Pia Is The Newest Expert And Has An Attitude

Dr. Pia joined the Married at First Sight expert cast in season 15 to replace Dr. Viviana Coles. She has proven that she is a feisty therapist who seems to take sides and develop biases. In one memorable scene with Emily and Brennan, Dr. Pia and Brennan had a cringy exchange, with Dr. Pia being overly forceful with her message (via Lifetime.) Moreover, Dr. Pia wears her thoughts on her face, which is not appropriate for an expert who is trying not to make their patients feel judged.

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Dr. Pepper & Pastor Cal Have Mismatched A Lot Of Couples

Married at First Sight season 17 Dr Pepper and Pastor Cal sittin gon chairs talking

Dr. Pepper and Pastor Cal have been the experts for all seventeen seasons of Married at First Sight since 2014. They have matched some successful couples, but their abilities at matching have seriously diminished over the last four seasons, and they seem to be matching for drama, not for genuine connections at this point. Viewers know what to expect from these two experts, and it has not been a lot these days. They can’t seem to identify red flags or get ahead of the couples’ conflicts enough to be effective.

All The Experts Should Be Replaced

Married at First Sight Experts 2023

The Married at First Sight experts have demonstrated that their matching skills are off and their ability to help sinking ships has not been good. Each of the three experts has proven they are not a good fit for the show anymore and should all be fired. The hit Lifetime show could use a new panel of experts with new perspectives and skill sets. The show has been stagnant the last few seasons and viewers want to watch matches that have the potential to be long-lasting, not curated for TV drama. New experts could really boost the show’s value and give the participants a better chance at a great match.

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