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The Married At First Sight Season 17 Experts Failed Lauren And Orion During Their Conflicts

The Married at First Sight season 17 experts had to step in regarding the conflict between Lauren and Orion, but they may not have done enough. Dr. Pepper Schwartz, Pastor Calvin Roberson, and Dr. Pia Holec are the experts tasked with matching the couples and helping to guide them through the Married at First Sight journey. The couples have been on their honeymoons, and Lauren and Orion have had mounting issues that boiled over during the latest episode. The pair spoke with Dr. Pia over video call for one incident and Pastor Cal over video call for another.

The success rate for the experts has been very low in the last three seasons, and the experts don’t have a good reputation with their judgment calls and pair matching. That said, Lauren and Orion’s complex marriage is going downhill fast, and questioning if the experts are doing enough to help the new couple is valid. The experts are meant to mentor the participants and help them see the good in each other, and they may be dropping the ball and doing Lauren and Orion a disservice.

Lauren And Orion Spoke With Dr. Pia And Pastor Cal

Lauren and Orion called for the phone visit with Dr. Pia. She helped them clear up the confusion and miscommunication they were having over Orion’s negative reaction to Lauren revealing she had sex with someone two months prior. The pair left the call feeling better, with Orion calling for space to process his emotions. However, Orion switched gears clung to the insensitive racial remark Lauren made about “red skins,” and decided he couldn’t get past that.

Orion’s firm stance caused Lauren to have an outburst where she asked for a divorce. This impasse caused Pastor Cal to step in and talk through the problem with the couples. Pastor Cal tried to urge Orion to give Lauren grace, but Orion wanted no part in that. Pastor Cal reiterated that they needed to evaluate their marriage and if they wanted to move forward at all.

The Experts Did Not Suggest A Healing Exercise

When Lauren and Orion were talking with Dr. Pia, she did not recommend an exercise to bring them closer together. She let them talk about their feelings but did not guide them or give them tools to prevent triggering each other in the future. Similarly, Pastor Cal offered no suggestions on how Lauren and Orion could come back to a good place. He seemed intent on getting an answer as to whether they still wanted to be together when he should have offered more solutions and let them know they had time and didn’t need to make a hasty reckless decision that had a lot of consequences and meaning.

It’s clear that Lauren and Orion have a lot of conflict in their marriage and that they need guidance on how to overcome their issues. However, they don’t appear to be receiving the proper direction from Dr. Pia or Pastor Cal. Dr. Pepper has yet to have a session with the wayward pair, and it’s possible she will have more insight for them. If Lauren and Orion are going to work out, they need to be given the tools for success and be reminded of why they joined the experiment and decided to marry a stranger on Married at First Sight season 17.

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