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Married at First Sight

Orion Says He’s “Not Quite Done” with the ‘Married at First Sight’ Experiment (EXCLUSIVE CLIP)

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Just when you thought Lauren and Orion were totally done with each other on Married at First Sight, an exclusive clip ahead of the March 13 episode says otherwise. In the clip, the recently divorced pair meet up to discuss what the future holds, and honestly, despite everything that happened, they could have a future together.

Orion from MAFS

But are Orion and Lauren dating now, after MAFS? Although they’re the first couple to split up in Season 17, since their ill-fated honeymoon, they slowly started to show hints that there could still be something lingering there between them. Whether or not it’s enough to reignite their relationship is the big question.

Are Lauren and Orion dating after ‘MAFS’?

Because MAFS Season 17 isn’t over yet (no, this isn’t the longest season ever), we don’t know for sure what happens with Orion and Lauren. However, in the MAFS clip, they do make it seem like there is a bit of hope for them. Prior to this, they broke up because of a number of reasons, including a lack of intimacy. Apparently, if there are second thoughts for either of them, they shouldn’t have acted so quickly on that decision.

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“I feel like I’m not quite done in this process with you,” Orion tells Lauren, when she asks if he has been dating.

Lauren says they can “discuss having that discussion” in regards to possibly opening the door to being more than friends. But for now, it seems like Orion has considered this a possibility more than she has.

Lauren and Orion split up before Decision Day on ‘Married at First Sight.’

Lauren talks to Pastor Cal on MAFS

It’s not totally unheard of for MAFS couples to end things before they even make it to Decision Day, but it’s definitely not the norm. For Lauren and Orion, things start off great, and they seem to have chemistry, but during and after the honeymoon, their relationship takes a few downturns.

One of the deciding factors for Orion is intimacy troubles after Lauren reveals she slept with someone two months before they got married in the experiment. Another issue they face is what Orion calls a difference in their sense of humor.

However, that being said, Orion and Lauren both end things mostly amicably. And the fact that they can meet up and talk about things could mean there’s some kind of future there. Of course, they both have to want that to happen in order for it to come to fruition.

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