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Natalie Mordovtseva’s Fake Storyline Exposed, See Josh’s Real GF?

90 Day Fiance celeb Natalie Mordovtseva has been called out from the beginning by fans for doing anything she can to extend her 15 minutes in the TLC spotlight. Resurfaced tea making the rounds drops a huge bombshell, potentially exposing her entire storyline with Josh Weinstein as fake. What do we know so far about this situation?

90 Day Fiance Fans Have Wanted Natalie Mordovtseva Gone From The Beginning

Mike Youngquist & Natalie Mordovtseva From 90 Day Fiance, TLC, Sourced From TLC YouTube

90 Day Fiance fans were sick of Natalie Mordovtseva not long after her very first season with Mike Youngquist was on the air. Viewers still love Big Mike, and they have from the start. However, according to many viewers, he was the only thing that made scenes with Natalie tolerable.

Things only got worse when TLC brought Natalie Mordovtseva back in The Single Life episodes with new man, Josh Weinstein. Just like Natalie, 90 Day Fiance fans accused Josh of filming scenes with Natalie for clout, and resurfaced tea making the rounds adds even more fuel to that fire.

90 Day The Single Life Josh Weinstein, Natalie Mordovtseva - TLC

Natalie Mordovtseva And Josh Weinstein Bring Drama To Tell-All Scenes

There has been no shortage of drama in current The Single Life Tell-All scenes. The way that this narrative is playing out, Natalie seems to want something serious with Josh, but he is not willing to commit to her. He vehemently denied being her sugar daddy, but also suggested they have a friends-with-benefits type of arrangement.

Josh Weinstein From 90 Day: The Single Life, TLC, Sourced From 90 Day Fiancé YouTube

TLC has even been playing up the love triangle angle between Natalie, Mike, and Josh. This is a formula that has been working for the network, and they don’t seem to have any issues chugging along and bringing Natalie back for even more scenes.

90 Day Fiance: Natalie Mordovtseva And Josh Weinstein Fake Storyline Exposed?

Most 90 Day Fiance fans agree that Natalie Mordovtseva and Josh Weinstein are, at best, slippery characters, and at worst, active scammers. If what is coming back to the surface and making the rounds again on social media is true, Josh Weinstein has had a girlfriend the entire time that he has been filming The Single Life scenes with Natalie, essentially rendering their entire storyline fake.

90 Day Fiance: Calie Tagle - Josh Weinstein

According to the tea, Josh Weinstein’s current and long-term girlfriend is Calie Tagle, a Preview Model, as well as one of Josh’s co-workers. These two have allegedly been dating for more than five years, and even own a home together in Arizona.

See Josh Weinstein’s Alleged Long-Term Girlfriend

90 Day Fiance: Calie Tagle

90 Day Fiance blogger 90DayDaily goes on to say that Calie agreed to let Josh film The Single Life scenes with Natalie. Leaked DMs also showed Natalie plotting with known clout-chaser Josh Seiter to film with him on a new show he was supposedly shopping around.

Josh and Natalie may not be a compatible match, but, when it comes to clout-chasing and extending their time in the spotlight, they seem to be more than on the same page. This also explains a few things, like why Josh seems to keep Natalie at arm’s length, or why he seems more than okay with letting Natalie see her ex, Mike.

If Josh has had a girlfriend this entire time, and if he and Natalie agreed to keep things going purely for the sake of securing more The Single Life scenes, they could hypothetically keep this storyline going for as long as TLC wants it, without any real personal or emotional risk.

Source: https://www.nbcnews.com/

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