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90 Day Fiancé

Molly Hopkins Accused Of Emasculating Kelly Brown – 90 Day The Last Resort Star Hits Back

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90 Day: The Last Resort star Molly Hopkins responded to fans who accusing her of being “cruel” to her ex-boyfriend Kelly Brown. Molly, 47, and her ex Kelly, 45, found love online after she divorced her ex-husband Luis Mendez from popular reality TV show 90 Day Fiancé season 5. Molly is from Woodstock, Georgia, and Kelly is from New York City, where he worked as a police officer. Once they connected online and things between them got serious, Kelly decided he would move to Georgia to stay closer to Molly. Shortly after he relocated, the problems between Molly and Kelly escalated to such an extent that they had to end the relationship.

Kelly and Molly decided to give love a try one more time by getting couples therapy during 90 Day: The Last Resort season 1. But none of the therapy sessions or counseling is doing their relationship any good. A fan recently told Molly on Instagram, “He had a career and retired! That’s admirable. And as soon as he moves in it’s all about what he can help her out with. I feel so bad for him watching how she treats him.” They added, “She emasculates him so bad,” which was seemingly what made Molly reply to them. “He didn’t move in with me. He got his own apt and expected me to drive to him after I worked every day,” Molly said. “You are only seeing snippets,” she added.

Why Is Molly Hopkins’ 90 Day Fiancé Behavior Being Criticized?

Molly’s behavior is being criticized for more reasons than one. As pointed out by Reddit user cherrybubblegum23, fans suspect Molly is playing the victim on 90 Day: The Last Resort when she’s not. They tried explaining how Molly is the one who pushes Kelly away and makes it look like she’s the one who’s suffering. She wants Kelly to act a certain way and love her the way she wants, and according to a comment by Prestigious_Piekno, Molly doesn’t “deserve” a good man like Kelly, whom she eventually “threw away.”


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Some of the things that Molly has said to Kelly during their scenes have been outright cruel. She’s mentioned how she’s not in love with him and doesn’t feel any attraction towards him. While Kelly was genuine in wanting to save his relationship, Molly barely made any effort to do it. The version of Kelly that Molly liked was the man who was working as an officer. Once Kelly retired, Molly complained he was lazy and watched reality TV all day. Molly is also being accused of trying to plug her LiviRae Lingerie store business on 90 Day: The Last Resort instead of actually being there to make up with Kelly.

In the last few months, Molly and Kelly have been in the news for the wrong reasons. It’s been reported that Kelly and Molly’s daughter Olivia Hopkins allegedly got into a violent altercation, after which Molly and Kelly called it quits. There are rumors that Kelly will also choose to walk away from 90 Day: The Last Resort during filming. The couple is not together at the moment, and the Olivia incident hasn’t been mentioned on the show yet. Molly may try to make fans understand that they only get to see bits and pieces of what they’ve filmed, but the impression she’s created on them seems to be one that cannot change.

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