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Married at First Sight

Married At First Sight: What Happened To Michaela After Season 13

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Michaela Clark and Zack Freeman are Married at First Sight season 13 alums who had more lows than highs, and it’s time to share information about what Michaela’s been up to since the show aired. The couple was an ideal fit for the series, as both partners felt behind in life. In addition, they both wanted to marry relatively young and start a family. Unfortunately, the marriage started slowly, as they had to separate only days into their honeymoon due to Zack contracting COVID-19.

When they reunited, they were thrilled to see one another, showcasing their willingness to give their marriage a shot. However, Zack saw red flags with Michaela. She was upset early because she woke up without Zack, although he’d only left the house for a few hours. Additionally, after Michaela’s dad passed, she said she found it hard to be vulnerable. Zack was able to support her during that challenging moment, but they couldn’t maintain a positive dynamic. Zack was scared to share his feelings and was living with anxiety. After revealing they were both likely to say no on Decision Day, the couple opted for separate beds.

Michaela Is Ready For New Adventures

Michaela was eager to start a family when MAFS started, but she’s since enjoyed the single life. Since filming, she has embraced the jet-set lifestyle by traveling to Cusco, Peru, to visit Machu Picchu. From feeding Alpacas to posing amid ruins and documenting the rainforest, Michaela is having the time of her life.

With Zack and MAFS in her rearview mirror, she seems ready to take on any new adventure that comes her way. She also tried eating some Alpaca skewers there and said they weren’t bad. Michaela posted a gorgeous shot of that local dish, which was worthy of any food blog. Unfortunately, her social media is now private, so fans can’t see any travels in 2023.

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Michaela Deleted Her Social Media & Made Her Posts Private

Michaela was actively sharing social media posts about relationships and her personal life, but she has since deleted most of her posts and made her accounts private. Before deleting everything, Michaela showed off new glam looks, shared her favorite sci-fi movies, and exercised with her dog. She has also discussed how working out alleviates her ADHD symptoms, noting that the best treatments vary from person to person. Michaela also celebrated her platonic relationship with costar Gil Cuero.

Michaela may not have been right for Zack, but she’s been thriving solo in Houston and across the globe. The wild MAFS social experiment can’t be a success for everyone, and most MAFS couples aren’t together in 2023. Michaela proved that cast members can take risks on Married at First Sight and live their best lives afterward, no matter what happened during their stints on the reality show. Hopefully, she is doing well in her more private life.

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