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Married at First Sight

Married At First Sight: What Happened To Clare Kerr After Season 17?

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Married at First Sight season 17 just wrapped up, and it’s time to look at what Clare Kerr has been doing since the cameras stopped rolling. Married at First Sight experts Dr. Pepper Schwartz, Pastor Cal Roberson, and Dr. Pia Holec paired Clare with New Zealand native Cameron Frazer. Season 17 was arguably the worst and most unsuccessful season of the hit Lifetime show yet. There was a set of firsts for the franchise. Denver hopeful Michael Shiakallis was matched with an initial mystery bride who ended up meeting him at the altar only to say she couldn’t marry a stranger and bail on the experience.

Then, the experts gave Michael a chance to get Married at First Sight again, and he accepted. He married Chloe Brown and the pair began the experiment when the other couples were already halfway through. Chloe said yes to Michael on Decision Day but Michael said no. In fact, all five season 17 couples chose divorce. Lauren Goodger and Orion Martzloff split right after the honeymoon, while Cameron and Clare came next. Austin Reed and Becca Haley said yes on Decision Day but broke up the next day. Emily Balch and Brennan Shoykhet broke up shortly before Decision Day.

Clare & Cameron’s MAFS Journey

27-year-old Clare, who is a triplet, wanted to find a “goofy” person who also knew how to be a mature and independent partner. The therapist was matched with 33-year-old Cameron who owns a bike shop and who the experts thought checked all Clare’s boxes. And it seemed like they were well-matched on their wedding day. They had chemistry and they looked like they were attracted to one another (via Lifetime.) However, the disconnect began on their wedding night.

Cameron and Clare got into their first fight on the way to their honeymoon when Clare got annoyed that Cameron didn’t help her with her bags and ran off. From there, they could not find their initial spark again, and Clare had trouble showing affection.

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More trouble came when they moved in together back in Denver and they had an impassable problem. Clare wanted to raise her kids in the church and with religion while Cameron was adamantly against it. Moreover, Cameron was attracted to Clare but Clare was icy and did not return the feeling.

They mutually decided to separate, with little help from the experts, on their one-month anniversary. Shortly after the split, Cameron was diagnosed with a serious heart problem and had to have surgery. Clare wanted to be there for Cameron but Cameron wanted to be distant and not engage with Clare. They both showed up to Decision Day where they painted an amicable picture but unsurprisingly said no to each other. Then, during the Married at First Sight season 17 group gathering the day after, the truth came out.

Clare & Cameron Were Faking Things

Clare Kerr and Cameron Frazer from Married at First Sight season 17 wedding photo and pink background photo montage

At the post-Decision Day group gathering, the women of season 17 were speaking out against the men and the injustices they felt slighted by. That’s when Clare accused Cameron of trying to silence her. Cameron stormed off and spilled the tea to the camera and he called Clare a “puppet master.”

“I’ve literally lied every single day of this fucking marriage to protect [Clare]. “

He said he had been instructed on what to say by Clare so that they could control the optics and how their story was told.

” The fact that she’s not attracted to me — that’s one of those things she told me I couldn’t say out loud. Oh, there we go! I just broke a promise! “

Things got even uglier come Reunion time when Cameron accused Clare of having a boyfriend she was in love with throughout the experience and who she was sleeping with. He also questioned Clare’s motivations while he was going through his heart problems and insinuated that she wanted to make herself look like a good person. The truth also came out in general about the mass Married at First Sight season 17 dupe.

All the couples, minus Michael and Chloe, agreed to endeavor to control their narratives and not let the truth in their relationships out. They wanted to control the optics in a highly controversial move that soured the whole season and everyone’s experience in it. It was allegedly Cameron’s idea, and the whole experience created overwhelming animosity between the men and the women of season 17.

Clare & Cameron Are Not On Good Terms

Clare Kerr from Married at First Sight season 17 in coat talking outside with a friend

Clare, and the other Married at First Sight season 17 women, felt massive resentment towards their ex-husbands and all the men of the season. They felt like their husbands thought optics and viewer perceptions were more important than trying to make their marriages work. They accused the men of having ulterior motives for being on the show and called them out as clout chasers. The men thought the women were just bitter and couldn’t get over things not working out.

Cameron came for Clare during the Reunion. But in a surprising turn of events during their Reunion one-on-one, Cameron ended things with Clare by saying he would be open to trying to have a romantic relationship again. Clare was disinterested and it was hard to tell whether Cameron said that just to make himself look better. With so much bad blood and murky realities, it is unlikely Clare and Cameron will ever get to a good place.

Clare Is In The MAFS Season 17 Girl Clique

Clare apparently found lifelong friends in Emily, Becca, and Lauren. They showcased their toxic girl clique at the Reunion where they all wore pink in solidarity and went in on the men of season 17 ( via Lifetime.) In the “Where Are They Now?” episode, the foursome let the Married at First Sight audience know they were still best friends. Clare and Emily even got matching wave tattoos.Clare’s Instagram is private, as are the rest of the women’s, but they frequently post pictures together.

Clare Is In A Long-Distance Relationship

Clare Kerr from Married At First Sight Season 17 in green jacket and white top for interview

It also came out in the “Where Are They Now?” episode that Clare has a boyfriend whom she is serious about. Her Married at First Sight girl clique has met him, and they all approve. The timeline of Clare and her boyfriend’s relationship is unclear, but she was smitten in the episode. Clare said her relationship with her mystery boyfriend was long-distance and that he lived in Seattle. She wasn’t sure whether she would be moving there. Cameron does not have social media, so it’s unknown whether Cameron and Clare would even follow each other at this point.

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