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Married at First Sight

Married At First Sight Season 1: Who Is Still Together? (And Who’s Not)

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With Married at First Sight season 16 in the rearview mirror, it’s time to revisit the couples from MAFS season 1. The reality dating series has become one of the most successful shows in the genre’s history, consistently drawing an audience and producing quality reality entertainment. While most MAFS couples are no longer together, one enduring couple was from season 1. As one of the best reality TV shows, it’s no wonder there’s still interest in couples from MAFS season 1. Who was able to go the distance?

The new concept of MAFS was a risk, and season 1 had to be good for the series to get further chances. It easily reached that goal, as the three coupled pairs led to one of the best MAFS seasons. With the finale having aired almost a decade ago, the couples have had plenty of time to find out if their love was solely functional in front of the camera or if they could succeed in the real world. As fans await the upcoming MAFS season 18, it’s time to revisit the original couples from the hit reality TV series.

Jamie Otis & Doug Hehner

Jamie Otis Doug Hehner Married At First Sight in wedding outfits

Coming onto the show on MAFS season 1 was always going to be a massive risk for every contestant who agreed to appear, as they did not know what they were getting themselves into or if it would be successful. Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner were two people who decided to take the risk and appear on the show, and the two did get off to a bit of a rocky start, seeming incompatible early on. As time passed, they got closer and ultimately decided to remain together on Decision Day.

Jamie Otis-Hehner & Doug Hehner Are Still Together?

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Jamie Doug Married At First Sight

The two stayed true to their decision during the season finale, having remained a couple during the nine years since the season aired. Having felt that their engagement and marriage on the show were too produced and fake, Doug proposed for a second time after the season ended, and they had another marriage ceremony to renew their vows. Watching their love develop on the show, plus their continued commitment to each other has led them to become one of the most beloved and best couples to appear on MAFS.

What’s New With Jamie & Doug?

Jamie and Doug Married at First Sight-2

Jamie affirmed her commitment to Doug by adding his last name to hers, and the two also have two kids together, becoming one of the few couples from MAFS to have kids. They first had a daughter, Henley Grace, in 2017, before having a song, Hendrix Douglas, in 2020. Jamie has been open about pregnancy loss and having a family on social media, and the pair remain very active on the internet after acquiring MAFS fame.

Cortney Hendrix & Jason Carrion

Jason and Courtney from Married at First Sight sit together

While Jamie and Doug got off to a slower start, Cortney and Jason were initially more promising. The two seemed immediately attracted to each other and quite compatible, making it no surprise that once decision day rolled around, the makeup artist and EMT decided to continue their fruitful relationship. They remained together for a few years after the finale as well, appearing as if they were destined to spend their lives together.

Cortney And Jason Are No Longer Together

Jason-Cortney MAFS Married at First Sight smiling on couch

Despite remaining together for a while after the show, the two somberly announced their divorce in 2019, shocking fans. Their marriage lasted for five years, but they ultimately broke up after the show, albeit much later than some others. Cortney and Jason simply wanted different things out of life and grew apart. Little more is known about their divorce because they wanted to maintain their privacy at the time. Their split was sad but amicable. Hopefully, the two were able to work through their heartbreak in a healthy way.

What’s New With Cortney & Jason?


Both Cortney and Jason married new spouses after MAFS. Cortney remarried in the fall of 2020 and had her first baby about a year after. Jason married Roxanne Pallett, star of Celebrity Big Brother UK and soap opera actress, in January 2020. While it’s unfortunate their marriage didn’t work, both are happy with new spouses. Both seem to eschew the spotlight after their tumultuous MAFS marriage. They seek more private lives after showcases their most vulnerable side on the show.

Monet Ball & Vaughn Copeland

Monet Bell and Vaughn Copeland pose on their wedding day in New York in Married at First Sight

The final couple from MAFS season 1, Monet and Vaughn, got off to arguably the best start of the three pairings to appear on the show’s inaugural season. Everything was going smoothly until their honeymoon when things quickly got out of hand. They began having petty disagreements and seemed generally unhappy in their relationship. Unsurprisingly, the two decided to split on Decision Day. Given their early split, it’s no surprise that Monet and Vaughn have lived completely separate lives since their reality TV show appearance.

Monet and Vaughn have remained separated since the day they ultimately decided to end things. While there doesn’t seem to be any bad blood between the two, they decided it was best to break up after Married at First Sight. Not much is known as far as the whereabouts of these two exes. Vaughn announced in 2016 he had moved to Germany to start a life with his new wife. He also runs his own small business, Copeland’s Organics. Monet’s Instagram account remains private, so it’s also unclear what exactly she has been up to these last few years.

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