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Married At First Sight: Emily’s Friend Lashes Out At Rumors Her Accident Was Fake

Married At First Sight season 17 introduced Emily Balch, whose alleged friend is speaking up online about her condition after getting into an accident on a day out with her husband Brennan Shoykhet. Emily and Brennan, who are facing a whole new type of issue in their marriage after Emily’s injury in the most recent episode of the series, have been struggling in their relationship on the current season of the show. While Married At First Sight has a low success rate when it comes to their matches, it’s possible after trauma, Emily and Brennan’s relationship could defy the odds.

In the last episode of MAFS, Emily suffered a head injury when she and Brennan were riding four-wheelers at a retreat. The couple was on the quads, Emily riding behind Brennan, when she veered off the road and suffered a head injury. According to Emily’s friend, who responded to fans who believed the injury was fake, the star has been hit hard by the experience. “It’s completely real,” @sparklyria31082 shared (via Monsters & Critics), “she’s had more than one surgery and the one…was 3 hours.” The friend also noted Emily “was also not able to work” due to her injury.

Emily’s Married At First Sight Journey Explained

While Emily’s friend shared that the Married At First Sight season 17 star has been suffering from her injury for quite some time, fans have been watching her life beforehand closely. At the beginning of MAFS season 17, Emily and Brennan were excited to get to know one another and enter into a new relationship. Things quickly became difficult for the couple, as they were compatible on the surface but had some trouble connecting on a deeper level. While they both hoped for a meaningful, deep connection, they have issues that could push them apart rather than bring them together.

Brennan and Emily’s relationship has been tricky, as they shared a mutual connection early on in the season, bonding quickly after their wedding ceremony. The couple had a hard time keeping their connection during the honeymoon, where it seemed that Brennan wasn’t attracted to Emily physically. Hopeful they could continue to bridge the gap between them, Brennan and Emily have been trying to communicate and open up, but it’s been difficult for either of them to make any meaningful progress. With Emily’s accident having hurt her physically, many MAFS viewers wonder if it will strengthen the couple’s emotional bond.

After Emily’s traumatic injury, Brennan was seen in a rough state as he called for help and held his wife’s hand, trying to reassure her things would be okay. Emily, who was shown bleeding from an open head wound, had a tough time as she did her best to stay calm and still while production went to get her medical attention. With the Married At First Sight couple clearly going through some longer-term issues due to her injury, it’s possible her crash could change things for the pair forever.

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