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Married at First Sight

MAFS Stars Katina and Olajuwon Seen Together Amid Cheating Scandal Turmoil

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Katina Goode claimed she was finally done with Olajuwon Dickerson after airing him out months ago for cheating. However, it seems that was another breakup-to-makeup situation because the couple is back together.

The Married at First Sight alums were spotted out, and now they have tongues wagging. It was only back in January when Katina put Olajuwon on blast and aired out all his dirty laundry on social media. She accused him of having a side chick for years and even shared a photo of the alleged mistress. Olajuwon later clapped back and informed the world that he and Katina were divorced but still had an entanglement. He didn’t share the text messages but claimed he and Katina had an agreement that they could see other people.

That was supposedly the final straw for Katina, who told her followers she was done with her cheating ex, but was she?

Katina Goode Spotted Out with Olajuwon Dickerson After Messy Cheating Scandal


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A post shared by KATINA GOODE (@__slimmgoodie)

Olajuwon just got laser eye surgery, and guess who was by his side for the procedure? None other than his ex-wife Katina. He posted a social media video, seemingly as promotional content for Boston Vision, in exchange for their services.

The clip, which was recorded in his car, showed Olajuwon wearing his glasses with Katina sitting in the passenger seat.

“What’s up y’all, today I’m with Katina and we’re headed to Boston Vision where I’ll be getting Lasik eye surgery,” said the MAFS star. “I’m excited to put the glasses down and start my new journey.”

Meanwhile, Olajuwon knew people would have questions about seeing him with Katina again, so naturally, he turned off the comments on his post.

Did the MAFS Star Hint at a Reconciliation with Olajuwon?


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A post shared by KATINA GOODE (@__slimmgoodie)

Now that we know the couple has reconciled, we’re looking a little deeper into the meaning behind Katina’s recent post. The MAFS star may have recently hinted at a reconciliation, and it went over our heads until now.

Just one day ago, she posted a quote that read, “I don’t look for greener grass, I water mine.” Was she talking about doubling back to her romance with Olajuwon? It sure seems that way.

MAFS Fans React to Katina and Olajuwon’s Reunion

MAFS fans have questions for Katina Goode

After the video was posted, people ran to Katina’s page to ask the question we all want to know.

“Are you and OD back together??😍😍😍,” questioned a commenter.

Katina didn’t respond, but someone else did, writing, “@kool_k85 looks like it, happy for them.” We’re still waiting on that confirmation from Katina, but all signs are pointing to a reconciliation between the former couple.

Wrapping Up

Katina Goode and Olajuwon Dickerson’s relationship saga continues to unfold with new twists. Despite their messy breakup and public airing of grievances, the couple seems to be giving their romance another shot. Are you shocked to see Katina and Olajuwon together after their tumultuous past? Sound off in the comment section below.

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