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‘MAFS’ Mark Maher Hospitalized, Thanks Fans For Prayers

Married At First Sight star Mark Maher was recently hospitalized and is thanking his fans for prayers. Luckily, he is already doing better which is great news. What is going on with the reality star? Keep reading to get the details.

How Is Mark Doing Now?

Mark from 'MAFS'

Mark Maher has been posting a lot on Instagram since he was on the show Married At First Sight and things didn’t work out. He is posting a lot of quotes about relationships and how they should be. It looks like he has figured out what he wants from one and won’t put up with less than that, which is a great thing for the MAFS star. If he has found a new relationship, he isn’t sharing about it on social media. Fans would love to see him find love since things didn’t work out for him on Married At First Sight.

Mark Maher Of MAFS Hospitalized

Mark Maher of MAFS went to his Instagram Story to share the details of what was going on with him and thank his fans. Maher ended up with a 104 fever that lasted two days. This was from Cellulitis in his right leg. He had to spend five days in the hospital, but lucky for him, he is already home and doing better. Things are looking up for Mark of MAFS.

Here is what he had to say.


Since this post, Mark has posted a picture of his cat and also showed himself at a work event. It is great to see that he is doing well enough to be back to work and living his life. Hopefully, he doesn’t have any more issues and end up back in the hospital again.

New Season Of MAFS

The new season of Married At First Sight is going strong. Five couples were supposed to get married, but only four made it to actually tie the knot. One bride ran away before even saying “I do.” This is Season 17 and it was filmed in Denver. You don’t want to miss seeing if these couples can make marriage work with the person the matchmakers set them up with. Only a few episodes have aired so far.

Don’t miss this new season of MAFS on Wednesday nights on Lifetime. New episodes air at 7 p.m. CST followed by the after show.

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