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MAFS alum Ashley Petta doubtful about Chloe: ‘I’m not buying anything she says’

Married at First Sight fans are all on the same page about new bride Chloe Brown, and they’re not buying what she’s selling.

Some viewers recently reasoned that the brunette beauty is a paid actor – brought in after the experts majorly messed with the runaway bride fiasco.

However, while she might not be a paid actor, many people are convinced she’s faking it for the cameras.

One such person is MAFS alum Ashley Petta, who recently posted a comment about Chloe on social media.

MAFS stars Ashley Petta and Chloe Brown screenshot

The outspoken Season 5 alum confessed, “I’m not buying anything she says,” in reaction to a clip of Chloe and Michael.

Not surprisingly, several people took to the comments to agree with Ashley after watching her interaction with Michael this season.

MAFS alum Ashley Petta agrees with fans about Chloe Brown

A clip from the latest episode was posted on social media, and people went in on Chloe for pretending to be into Michael.

“Chloe seems nice and all but for some reason I’m not buying anything she says…. 😬🙈.” said Ashley Petta.

Ashley Petta's Instagram comment

Many people agreed with the sentiment and responded in the comments.

“@ashleypetta took the words right out my mouth,” wrote one commenter.

“@ashleypetta I have a feeling she’s not attracted to him and is trying to talk herself into being attracted to him,” reasoned someone else.

One viewer wrote, “Same! She’s not giving off a very genuine vibe – at all.”

Another added, “Same! I am not picking up any genuine vibes. I feel like she’s just being paid to say these things. Everything about her seems so fake and off. This season has been weird.”

MAFS viewer comments

Chloe Brown leaves MAFS fans confused

The scene where viewers are doubting Chloe’s intentions played out in Episode 17, where she beamed about finding Michael sexy – meanwhile, we haven’t seen an ounce of affection between the couple.

“Communication has been our top priority with each other from the moment that we met, and honestly it’s just sexy,” said Chloe in her confessional. “It’s sexy watching him talk and communicate and be open, and most importantly, shirtless.”

That was quite a turn from the week prior when Michael looked anything but sexy when she saw his unique wardrobe.

She didn’t find him sexy when he packed his skirts for the getaway or when he tried on her pearls and asked to wear her earrings, so this is a total switch, and viewers are not buying it.

Could it be that she’s learning to overlook how Michael likes to lean into his femininity? Or is Chloe faking it for the cameras?

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