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Kyle Chrisley Shocks Fans With Secret Daughter

Kyle Chrisley shocked fans when he revealed a daughter he kept secret for 15 years. Fans are aware of his estranged relationship with his other daughter Chloe Chrisley.

His parents Todd and Julie adopted her as their daughter. Read on to learn more about the other daughter he kept away from the private eye.

Kyle Chrisley Wishes Daughter Happy Birthday

Earlier this month, Kyle Chrisley shared a photo of himself with his secret daughter on Instagram. He wished his daughter Mackenzie Chrisley a happy birthday.

She turned 15 years old. The father-and-daughter duo sat at the dining table behind a pastel pink and white cake.

“Happy 15th Birthday @mackenziechriisley,” Kyle wrote in the caption. “I think you’ve been my biggest fan since day 1. I can’t believe how much you’ve grown but it’s been so fun watching you grow into the beautiful person you’re meant to be. I love you so much and I’m so proud to call you my daughter.”

Kyle Chrisley included a throwback photo of Mackenzie from when she was a young girl. Fans were shocked to learn about his other daughter.

One user took to Reddit, writing: “Kyle Chrisley has another daughter??? I just saw this post and I do not remember anyone mentioning he had another daughter!”

One fan responded: “It’s his wife’s daughter… but he adopted her… Pretty sure I read that somewhere…”

Kyle adopted his daughter and raised her as his own. However, some fans find it weird that he’s still not allowed around his biological daughter. The reason why Todd and Julie Chrisley adopted Chloe was because Kyle struggled with substance abuse.

One fan noted: “Yeah. He was not capable of raising a child at the time due to his lifestyle and addiction. It was the best thing for him & his daughter at the time. His stepdaughter came into the picture much much later, and he was much older and sober.”

Kyle Chrisley Shocks Fans With Secret Daughter

Kyle Chrisley Shamed For His Beard

While most fans were shocked about his daughter, others shamed the former reality star for his beard.

In the new photo, Kyle Chrisley looked unrecognizable with his long bushy beard. It was a departure from his younger self.

One fan wrote: “I refuse to believe anyone on earth finds these types of beards attractive.”

Another user commented: “His ‘beard’ is doing him a disservice.” A third user asked: “What is with the Amish beard?”

What are your thoughts on Kyle Chrisley having another daughter?


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