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How Chris Collette Revealed Romance With Fellow MAFS Alum Olivia Cornu

After his marriage to Alyssa Ellman didn’t work out, Married at First Sight alum Chris Collette revealed he was seeing MAFS season 11 alum Olivia Cornu. He made that announcement during the season 14 “Where Are They Now?” special. Chris, a realtor in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, was matched to social media manager Alyssa by the MAFS experts. With only a handful of MAFS couples still together in 2023, there were high hopes for season 14, which ultimately fell flat for Chris and his bride.

Chris and Alyssa’s first meeting at the altar went smoothly, but the cracks in their new relationship soon began to show. While Chris was set on getting to know his new wife, Alyssa was not attracted to Chris’ looks or personality. Their marriage became one of the series’ shortest, lasting around two weeks, and Alyssa has since become one of the most notorious MAFS villains. Olivia’s marriage to Brett Lindsey lasted slightly longer, although the two split on Decision Day.

Chris Revealed His Relationship With Olivia On An MAFS Special

Curiosity swirled regarding Chris’ dating life after his divorce from Alyssa, and he eventually answered their questions during the series’ “Boston: Where Are They Now?” special. While things hadn’t changed for the other MAFS season 14 couples at the time, Chris updated Steve Moy and Mark Maher with the news that he was involved with someone new. In a clip shared by The Sun, Chris revealed that he was flying Olivia from New Orleans to Boston after they connected online. He told the other men, “She strikes me as smart, grounded, practical, beautiful…so for me, it seems like a no-brainer.”

Chris and Olivia Dated Post-MAFS

Chris expressed excitement and anxiety, saying, “Flying somebody halfway across the country is an investment, and there’s some nerves there.” Mark assured Chris that his first face-to-face meeting with Olivia would be great. “I think it will be good for you,” Mark said, and described Olivia as “well put together” with “good qualities and similar interests.” The same went for Olivia, who told Reality Titbit before the MAFS season 14 special aired that they were “happy.”

Since Chris and Alyssa’s marriage on MAFS season 14 went every way but right, it was heartwarming to see Chris’ relationship with Olivia blossom. Unfortunately, all the MAFS season 14 couples broke up, and Chris and Olivia don’t appear to be together anymore. While their short-lived romance was heartening, hopefully, both can move on outside the limelight with new partners.

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