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General Hospital Spoilers: Sam & Liz’s Jason Rivalry Back On – Reignited Feud and Secret That’ll Rock Port Charles

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal that many fans were surprised to see Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) and Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) getting along so well in the February 24 episode.

After Liz helped Sam out by arranging Danny Morgan’s (Asher Jared Antonyzyn) volunteer work at GH, Sam opened up about her fears regarding her son’s behavior lately.

Elizabeth was there to offer reassurance and even gave Sam a tip about using a shared experience to connect with Danny.

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Sam quickly took the advice by heading to the footbridge with Danny since it was a place where they could both feel close to Jason Morgan (Steve Burton).

It was nice to see Liz and Sam acting so friendly since that wasn’t always the case!

Sam and Elizabeth were major rivals once upon a time, but they’ve come a long way and are now able to bond over parenting teenage boys.

Back in 2021, Liz encouraged Sam to symbolically burn all her Jason reminders to cleanse him from her system.

That was back when Jason was getting married to Carly Spencer (Laura Wright), so Sam and Liz connected as they got drunk and lit a fire.

The show basically treats Elizabeth and Sam like friends now, but that could change in the not-too-distant future.

GH's New Danny Morgan Is Asher Jared Antonyzyn | Soaps In Depth

Perhaps there’s a reason why the writers are playing up the peace and having Liz give Sam great guidance.

All that could be setting the stage for the rivalry to reignite in a big way, especially considering what we know about Elizabeth’s upcoming storyline.

General Hospital spoilers say someone from Liz’s past will show up out of the blue.

We’ll see someone land on Elizabeth’s doorstep and seek assistance from her, so Jason could be the mystery character who’s about to turn her life upside down.

If Jason convinces Liz to perhaps provide medical help and give him a hideout, trouble could be brewing.

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That’s especially true if Jake Webber (Hudson West) finds out his dad is alive!

If Elizabeth hides Jason’s survival and keeps Danny in the dark, Sam’s going to be furious. It could set the stage for Liz and Sam’s rivalry to come back around on a fierce level.

GH spoilers say Elizabeth may have to deal with Sam’s wrath, so stay tuned for updates on all the shocking news ahead.


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