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General Hospital: A Possession Storyline In WORKS

The roller coaster ride of General Hospital is in no mood to slow down anytime soon! In a jaw dropping twist in the recent episodes, Charlotte was revealed as the one who vandalized Anna’s suite. When Valentin saw his daughter on the CCTV footage he could barely believe his own eyes. However, if you thought that was the worst that could’ve happened, you might be wrong! Because according to the recent spoilers what’s to follow next will completely blow your mind! Dive right in to find out the latest scoop!

Charlotte Shows Her Cassadine Genes, Ransacks Anna’s Suite

Life has been really disturbing for Anna in the recent past on General Hospital. From the moment Victor Cassadine ousted her as a double agent, she has been on a downward spiral. First she was kicked to the curb by the WSB, then she might have been targeted at The Metro Court. Later, her house was set on fire, completely destroying it. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the last of it. Even after moving to a seemingly safe hotel suite, tragedy followed her. She returned to her suite to find it ransacked and a sinister message scrawled across her mirror.

General Hospital

Valentin soon discovered through the CCTV footage that the culprit was none other than his daughter on General Hospital. Although the ABC soap is yet to air any scenes that give away the real reason of why Charlotte would be acting out like that. But many theories have emerged that attempt to decipher why she could be doing what she is doing. The most obvious one is that she could just be jealous of the time and attention Valentin is giving Anna. She perhaps wants her father all to herself. And then of course, it doesn’t help that she has these Cassadine genes that holds all sorts of crazy in the DNA. But could things really be that simple? Well, not according to the latest spoilers!

The Dark Truth About Charlotte’s Behavior On General Hospital

While Charlotte’s teenage hormone spiked jealousy is still a valid explanation for her behavior, General Hospital could be taking the real reason to a different level all together. In the September 20, 2023, episode, Charlotte sat down on her bed spreading out a deck of tarot cards in a curve. Moreover, an evil smile on her face added to the overall eerie vibe on the scene. Now, with Halloween right around the corner, we wonder if the makers are paving the path for a possession story!

General Hospital

Oh if you just scrolled up to recheck if you are reading a General Hospital article or that of Days of Our Lives, don’t. We assure you, this is still very much GH! Even though DOOL may have played the devil and possession storyline quite a number of times! We might get to see a version of it now in Port Charles. Perhaps a few episodes down the line we might find out that Charlotte is acting so deviously because she is possessed by Helena Cassadine! That would be quite jaw dropping! What do you think?

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