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Every Scandal That Will Come Out At The Married At First Sight Season 17 Reunion Explained

The Married At First Sight season 17 reunion will reveal many secrets the cast has kept hidden for most of the season. Married At First Sight season 17 premiered, shaping into one of the most dramatic seasons when contestant Micheal Shiakallis became the first man to be left at the altar by his new bride. Nonetheless, Micheal was given another chance when the experts matched him with another bride, Chloe Brown. The duo joined Lauren Good and Orion Martzloff, Austin Reed and Becca Haley, Clare Kerr and Cameron Frazer, as well as Emily Balch and Brennan Shoykhet.

Despite the enthusiasm that preceded Married At First Sight season 17, the season was soon labeled a disappointment when most relationships broke down just a few weeks after their vows. The experts made more than a few mistakes with their matches, as most couples looked dysfunctional and uninterested in making things work with their partners. However, after some shocking exchanges witnessed in the season so far, the Married At First Sight season 17 reunion is expected to top that when it premieres in a few days.

Cameron & Clare Will Hurl Accusations
Cameron revealed dark secrets about Clare

Married At First Sight Season 17 Cameron Frazer in green shirt And Clare Kerr in printed top side by side mid argument surrounded by lightning and sparks

During their wedding, Cameron and Clare looked like the perfect couple, and they quickly gelled with one another. However, as their relationship progressed, the cracks in their marriage were evident for everyone to see. Despite Clare and Cameron admitting they would give their marriage another chance, the couple said no on decision day. However, although it looked like Clare and Cameron separated amicably, that quickly changed on their decision day when Cameron declared he had lied every day of their marriage to protect Clare. According to Cameron, Clare revealed she wasn’t attracted to him.

But Clare also made Cameron promise never to reveal that to anyone. Cameron’s revelation shocked the MAF fanbase, and according to the Married At First Sight season 17 reunion preview, Clare and Cameron will be picking up their barrage of accusations from where they left off. At the reunion, Clare accuses Cameron of always manipulating her, which Cameron didn’t find amusing. However, Clare was soon pictured looking on in disbelief after Cameron accused her of gaslighting. Cameron then made a shocking revelation that Cleared shared she was still in love with her boyfriend and then accused her of sleeping with someone else.

Austin Will Reveal If He Actually Wanted Marriage with Becca
Austin disclosed his true intentions about Becca and if he wanted a marriage.

Married At First Sight Season 17 Becca & Austin. Becca crying, Austin holding her

Austin and Becca’s relationship was a union of two people with opposing backgrounds, personalities, and beliefs. Simply put, it was a recipe for disaster. While Becca wanted to be intimate with her husband, Austin took longer to feel comfortable with her. Austin, being a devout Christian, was worried Becca, an atheist, would go to hell, and he tried to control the optics of their marriage to control how he was viewed on the show.

Austin and Becca couldn’t agree much on anything, and although Becca looked more willing to work on their differences, it wasn’t surprising to see them call off their marriage. Still, the Married At First Sight season 17 reunion preview contextualized the couple’s current relationship. Despite Austin’s reluctant performance on the show, he declared at the reunion he wanted a wife and a marriage, which shocked Becca, who looked on in disbelief.

Things Will Get Ugly Between Brennan & Emily
Brennan and Emily made threats and infidelity accusations.

Brennan and Emily from Married at First Sight Season 17 montage

Brennan and Emily’s relationship was one of the most difficult to watch on Married At First Sight season 17. Although the two admittedly came into the show looking to make the experiment work for them, it became clear they wouldn’t be one of the successful stories shortly after their marriage. Brennan was emotionally disconnected from his new bride, and the couple struggled to connect. A harrowing accident that initially left the cast fearing for Emily’s life brought the couple closer. Still, their romance fell apart again during a dinner to celebrate getting to decision day.

Expectedly, Brennan and Emily chose to divorce on decision day but surprisingly remained friendly with one another. However, according to the Married At First Sight season 17 reunion preview, things will get ugly between the two. Brennan shocked his co-stars when he revealed Emily promised to make his life a living hell if he ever left her. However, Brennan was soon on the defensive, appearing to refute Emily’s claims that he cheated. The reunion gradually became too hot for Emily, who was walking off the set.

Lauren & Orion Will Have A Nasty Exchange
Lauren and Orion are divided about revisiting old wounds.

Lauren and Orion MAFS Season 17 having a video call while sitting next to each other 2

During their wedding ceremony, Lauren and Orion’s connection in Married At First Sight season 17 felt instantaneous. While the two were not each other’s typical type, Lauren and Orion’s energy matched up well, and they started working on their romance during the early weeks. However, things between the two changed when Orion found out Lauren had sex with someone months before the nuptials. Orion became unhappy and cold towards Lauren, and he took her completely by surprise when he asked for divorce during a therapy session.

Although Lauren and Orion’s relationship became quite feisty, they often had to keep an amicable front in the presence of the other couples. Nonetheless, that changed at the Married At First Sight season 17 reunion per the preview. In the clip, Orion calls for the couple to let the past be, but Lauren’s reply, “keep poking the bear, and I’ll bite fuc*ing back,” contextualize just how contentious the pair became during the reunion.

Lauren and Orion MAFS Season 17 sharing a cuddly moment together on a couch

Chloe Will Urge Michael To Spill The Truth About His Feelings
Chloe wanted to know the reason behind Michael’s decision to divorce.

Chloe and Micheal were touted as the last remaining hope of Married At First Sight season 17 when they became the last standing couple of the show. For long periods of their relationship, the couple seemed destined to choose to remain married despite some shaky moments threatening to derail their relationship. However, just days to decision day, Micheal claimed to be feeling overwhelmed when the couple couldn’t agree on an apartment to rent. Chloe and Micheal’s simple disagreement didn’t look like a dealbreaker until Micheal said no during decision day.

Micheal’s long speech about still caring for Chloe and hoping for something between them in the future after making his decision to divorce her felt like an attempt to save face. Unsurprisingly, that sentiment remained at the reunion when the host asked Michael what changed his mind about Chloe. Micheal, who looked reluctant, was encouraged by Chloe to speak his mind, and she also looked interested in hearing what Micheal had to say. After a dramatic season, the MAF season 17 reunion is looking to add more spice to an already hot season.


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