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Chrisley Knows Best: Fans Label Todd’s Daughter A Bad Parent

Todd and Julie Chrisley have three kids together. They also have a granddaughter, Chloe, who is also under their custody now. From his previous marriage, Todd is also a father to a son and a daughter. So, in reality, the Chrisley Knows Best lead has two daughters, Savannah and Lindsie.

Recently, one of these two celeb daughters came under severe fan fire. They believe the star’s tendency to create drama also extends to her kid’s life. So the star might not be such a great parent after all!

Chrisley Knows Best

Chrisley Knows Best: Fans Say Todd’s Daughter Is Not An Ideal Parent!

Lindsie Chrisley isn’t much into the spotlight. But the star has her fair share of controversies in the form of relationship issues with her significant others. The star was first married to Will Campbell but the marriage didn’t work out. Lindsie and Will also have a son Jackson. And now the Chrisley Knows Best star is dating a new man, Trent.

Chrisley also has a podcast called Coffee Convos, which she co-hosts with Kailyn Lowry. The recent Jan 2024 podcast bonus featured Kailyn talking about getting married again. And then, it shifted to Lindsie complaining about her fans’ behavior. The star the fans “obsess” over her, and she hates that. After this, Lindsie added that the fans make unnecessary rumors about her.

Chrisley Knows Best

Lindsie Chrisley claimed she did not read social media posts about her relationship. Rather, people send her screenshots of these posts, and she hates the rumors fans make up about her current relationship. This statement angered the fans. One fan was so riled up that they took to Reddit to vent out.

Using some choice words and a furious tone, they said she shouldn’t make cryptic remarks and post pictures without context. However, this quickly turned into a bashing of Lindsie’s parenting skills. Other fans also joined the Reddit thread to criticize Lindsie’s parenting techniques. They wrote that her son had been through enough with his parent’s divorce.

A fan added that Jackson might have been upset after learning Lindsie’s new boyfriend, Trent, cheated on her. So when Lindsie uploaded a cryptic photo about another pregnancy, Jackson must be finding it hard. A different Chrisley Knows Best fan called Lindsie a bad parent, saying she is “playing” with his “emotions” by the ‘non-pregnancy’ pregnancy post.

Chrisley Knows Best: Are Lindsie & Trent Breaking Up?!

Lindsie Chrisley has been dating Trent since 2023, when she described him as a “suburban dad.” The fans learned he had two kids, so this relationship confused them, as Lindsie had previously expressed her dislike for blended families. However, in a recent podcast episode, the Chrisley Knows Best star might have hinted that the two are over.

Chrisley Knows Best

In The South Tea episode, Lindsie talked about the situation of one of her “guy” friends. The guys in question recognized a “girl at a bar” as someone who had slid into the DMs. Now fans think the story is about Trent. A fan pointed out that the guy sounded similar and said Lindsie wanted him to show his phone. However, the guy, Trent, had “deleted the messages” before she could see it.

Fans think that this might mean the couple is breaking up. They used Lindsie’s Instagram story abiut looking for a new house in Will’s neighborhood and about “not trusting a guy” as proof. But Lindsie hasn’t said anything about a breakup just yet.


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