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90 Day: The Single Life: Chantel Everett Will Be Single Forever (She’s Too Much For Any Man)

Chantel Everett from 90 Day: The Single Life won’t find a good partner until she takes big steps to improve herself first. The 33-year-old woman once had a great relationship with her husband, Pedro Jimeno. She felt he was her soulmate and continued being with him despite his mistreatment. In 2022, Pedro asked Chantel for divorce and left her. He moved on with his newly established American life, pushing Chantel to do the same. In 2024, Chantel utilized her popularity to get herself another TLC show. She debuted on 90 Day: The Single Life season 4 to find another man better than her former husband.

Unfortunately, Chantel’s new single journey has been cringy to watch. She has made some big mistakes, which has baffled many viewers. In the first few episodes, Chantel showed immaturity as she took help from her ignorant friends. They brought bad ideas and pushed her in the wrong direction. Ultimately, things got slightly better when someone recommended Chantel to date a good-looking European footballer. However, the Atlanta native weirded him out by telling him she wanted to date an orphan because of her ex-husband’s family. Chantel’s behavior proves she’s not stable enough for any man. She must change herself if she ever wants to have a worthwhile relationship.

Chantel Everett Is Always Confused & Distracted

Chantel has been perplexed since she debuted on 90 Day: The Single Life. She hasn’t shown dedication toward finding a stable relationship. Instead, she seems more interested in discovering someone to hook up with. The most obvious sign is how Chantel has been trying to find a man in the worst possible locations. Instead of looking for someone in her professional space or building a friendship with a guy, she wants to woo a partner with her looks. Chantel has also said that she wants a baby and a stable relationship. Yet, she’s willing to date a foreigner because he looks like a “Greek God.”

Chantel Everett Wants Her Man To Be An Orphan

Chantel’s new odd demand is another reason she will never find a good guy. She recently told her Greek crush, Giannis, that she wanted a partner who was an orphan. She made it sound like Pedro’s family was a big issue in her marriage and caused all the problems. As expected, Giannis didn’t like it when he heard Chantel say that. While he assured her that his family wouldn’t be a problem, he seemed turned off by that statement like most guys would. No man would want to be with a partner who wants a one-dimensional relationship without family involvement.

Chantel’s worries about family drama are understandable. She has seen her in-laws create a lot of chaos in her life, and it’s valid that she doesn’t want to experience the same again. However, seeking a man without a family isn’t the solution to her problem. She needs to understand that her family also played a big role in the past feuds with Pedro. They even investigated Pedro from the get-go, making him feel unloved. Chantel’s parents may do the same with her next partner again, which may not end well. Therefore, she needs to fix her family first before trying to find a man who’s an orphan.

Chantel Everett Can’t Stop Badmouthing Her Former Husband & In-Laws

People move on from their past relationships when they stop talking about them and focus on themselves. Unfortunately, Chantel is still extremely obsessed with Pedro, and her every decision has been about finding someone who’s not like him. In a previous episode, Chantel went to the Dominican Republic to confront him for no reason. She embarrassed herself as Pedro told her, “you are obsessed with me.” Chantel has shown a similar attitude on 90 Day: The Single Life. She has brought up her former husband too many times, which isn’t good. No man would want her if the 33-year-old woman didn’t stop talking about her ex.

Chantel Everett Lacks Wisdom When It Comes To Dating

People who often date and have been in the dating game for a while understand the process. However, Chantel is a complete newbie and hasn’t been with many men. Not only is she inexperienced, but she has minimal romantic history. Her last relationship with her former husband, Pedro Jimeno, lasted seven years. Chantel needs to learn a lot more about dating if she wants to find the right man. However, she has already lost many years with Pedro, which may be why she’ll have to improvise faster. She’s also in a very different place due to her nurse job and age.

Chantel Everett Is Desperate For Attention & Affection

Chantel has many flaws, but her biggest one is desperation. The Family Chantel star has always been desperate for attention. She has posted some embarrassing content in the past and has made a joke out of herself. Nowadays, Chantel isn’t just desperate for attention but also affection. She wants to find love so badly that she’s not even thinking about how it’s ruining her social media image. Being such a public figure, Chantel must become more mature about her life. She won’t end up with a good man because of her attention and affection cravings. Moreover, no man would want a wife like Chantel if she doesn’t grow up.

Chantel Everett Keeps Chasing Reality TV Drama

Chantel would probably struggle to find her right partner because she’s still on reality TV. While some men like to be on a show or a popular network like TLC, many others don’t care about it all. Therefore, Chantel has already divided her dating pool by joining 90 Day: The Single Life. Apart from that, the reality TV star is also very keen on continuing her reality TV journey. She’s trying to tell her story and doesn’t think joining a show a few months after her divorce is unbelievable. While Pedro has taken a higher stand by distancing himself from the reality TV world, Chantel has lowered herself by seeking reality TV drama (via 90 Day Fiancé.)

Chantel is already well-known. Therefore, she will have difficulty finding true love on a popular show like 90 Day: The Single Life as it will attract the worst men. Even if she finds a good partner, building a relationship on camera may not be fruitful. Reality TV would always stop her from making a strong bond that she would make privately. Couples who appear in 90 Day Fiancé face many problems heading to the aisle. They face those challenges despite dating for months or years. Since Chantel is trying to find new love on 90 Day: The Single Life, it’ll be extremely tough or near impossible for her to do that.

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