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90 Day Fiancé’s Mary “Suffering” From Mental Health Disorder As A Result Of Online Bullying

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Mary Demasu-ay is not okay after having to deal with criticism from reality TV show fans. Mary, a 23-year-old from the Philippines, is a newcomer to the 90 Day Fiancé franchise. She stars alongside Brandan Denuccio, also 23, in The Other Way season 5, which began filming when the American man moved to Mary’s country. After meeting two years ago, Mary and Brandan began a long-distance relationship where they became overly possessive of each other. They spoke over video calls 24/7, and once he went to Candoni, Mary warned him against looking at other women.

Mary’s insecure and jealous personality didn’t appeal to 90 Day Fiancé fans. Her appearance became something that was discussed online, with memes being made about Mary’s sour expressions that have become permanent fixtures on her face, according to fans. Mary came across one such joke about her appearance, which she shared on her Instagram Story and admitted that she’s now suffering from depression as a result of all the online bullying.

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The meme showed Mary in “20 years,” and someone had edited atrocious-looking makeup onto her face (as shared by Ok-Stattion-4445). Mary reposted the meme with the caption, “Hope you guys are happy now bullying someone’s physical appearance and making fun of them.” Mary wrote that she doesn’t think of herself as pretty. However, she told the fans, “Thank you for reminding me that always.”

Why Some 90 Day Fiancé Fans Dislike Mary Demasu-ay

Mary continued, “I hope you guys are happy now that I’m suffering from depression.” She added that she has been crying nonstop every day. “You guys won, thank you so much,” she said. Mary and Brandan’s romance quickly fizzled out as soon as they became pregnant. Mary revealed she was expecting Brandan’s baby within three months of his arrival. They claimed they had been “trying” to get pregnant because she wanted to give her “all” to him. However, Brandan realized that he was not ready for fatherhood, especially since the couple had no stable means of income at hand.

They opened a small grocery store that was not making any profit, and Mary was not getting any help from Brandan in running it. As soon as Brandan found out Mary was pregnant, his anxiety made him while away his days in bed doing nothing. Brandan also started to constantly fight with Mary. The couple’s arguments became the talk of the town and disgraced Mary’s elderly grandparents. However, Mary has been accused of being to blame for all that has happened, including having Brandan’s baby and manipulating him by always playing the victim.

Mary has also been blamed for failing to realize Brandan was also struggling mentally but not asking him to fix his attitude. There seem to be critics who think Mary should have prepared herself to face taunts and mean comments when she signed up for a TV show. However, the hatred is getting too much for Mary to handle. Her openly telling fans that what they are doing is wrong should be taken into consideration as well. The cameras don’t always capture it all, and there could be things about Mary and Brandan’s relationship that haven’t made it to The Other Way yet.

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