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90 Day Fiancé’s Jasmine & Mike Clarify Relationship Status After Sparking Dating Rumors

Jasmine Pineda and Mike Berk from 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days revealed their current relationship status after it was speculated they were dating each other. The 37-year-old woman and the New York resident have little in common apart from their reality TV appearances. Therefore, it was shocking to see the two hanging out in New York like a couple. The photo surfaced in August 2023, which sparked dating rumors. There was some suggestion that Jasmine had dumped her 53-year-old partner, Gino Palazzolo, to be with the much younger American co-star. But that wasn’t the case at all.

Recently, Jasmine debunked the dating rumors by acknowledging her friendship with Mike. She took to her Instagram Stories to reshare Mike’s congratulatory post about her appearance in 90 Day Fiancé season 10. Jasmine wrote, “Thank you my dearest friend,” clarifying that the 34-year-old man isn’t her new boyfriend but instead is a sweet friend who supported/accompanied her in the United States. Mike then shared Jasmine’s post and wrote, “Of course.” His reply indirectly clarified that his relationship with Jasmine is a sweet friendship that blossomed due to their history with reality TV.

Jasmine & Gino Are Set To Appear On 90 Day Fiancé Season 10

It’s great that Jasmine and Mike clarified their relationship before things got out of hand. Jasmine is supposed to appear in 90 Day Fiancé season 10 with Gino, and the rumor could have ruined that. The hit reality TV show premieres in October 2023 and will show the stories of seven couples. Jasmine and Gino will return to the screen to tell the final chapter of their relationship before marriage. The season will probably showcase Jasmine getting to know Gino’s family and her new life in the United States. It will be interesting to see if the two tie the knot.


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Gino didn’t leave Jasmine despite her immature and toxic behavior during Before the 90 Days season 6. The Panamanian single mom verbally abused her partner, who’s 15 years older than her, and argued with him on the most pointless topics. She embarrassed him by publicly airing their intimacy issues, tried to become a virgin, talked about having sex with her ex-boyfriend, and made fun of Gino’s masculinity. She even showcased traits of a gold digger by lying about losing her ring to make Gino give her a new one.

Jasmine did have a complete breakdown in the last few episodes after Gino almost considered leaving her. He was ready to break up and had lost faith in the relationship. But Jasmine showed much-improved behavior after realizing she no longer has the emotional advantage to keep her American beau under control. She realized she could lose him if she didn’t correct her behavior. She even apologized to him and begged him to stay with her. It’s still unclear if the two will marry in the 90 Day Fiancé season 10 finale. However, there is still some suggestion that Gino deserves someone better than Jasmine.

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