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90 Day Fiancé’s Cleo Shadow Bans Christian After His Current Relationship Status Is Exposed

Cleo Corraine from the 90 Day Fiancé franchise blocks Christian Allgood after news about his new relationship surfaces online. The British woman has endured many ups and downs since her debut on TLC. Initially, she was happy with Christian. However, his extroverted personality turned her off, leading her to break up. During 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 6 Tell All, Cleo surprised everyone by accepting Christian’s proposal and soon broke up with him again. According to Christian, he ended the relationship because of Cleo’s mental health issues. However, Cleo has accused Christian of playing the victim.

Recently, Cleo took to her Instagram to reveal that she was trying to get over Christian. She wrote, “I’ve shadow banned him from my algorithm as much as humanly possible.” Cleo then shared that she had difficulty not messaging him but pushed herself not to. She added, “I’m trying my absolute best to block out his life as if he exists on a different material plane than mine.” Cleo shared that she’s still idealizing good memories and going through the grieving process. The British reality star said she realized the good parts were simply delusions.

Cleo Lashes Out At Fans For Triggering Her

Cleo only discussed shadow-banning Christian because of fans. Over the weeks, many of her kind-hearted followers messaged her about Christian’s new romantic move and his already on dating apps. However, she didn’t want to know his updates because it affected her psychologically. Cleo took to her Instagram to tell her fans not to remind her of Christian. She wrote, “I know the intent behind this is to make me feel better about myself,” stating that fans’ attempts at making her feel good aren’t working. She urged, “do not remind me of him or what he’s up to, it’s triggering.”

Relationships are tough, but breakups are harder. Cleo truly loved Christian, so she struggled to accept her breakup. The split wouldn’t have impacted her if she hadn’t poured her heart and soul into the American man. The only reason Cleo’s suffering right now is because she valued Christian and was genuine throughout her relationship. She could’ve also dusted her shoulders and made a dating app profile like her former lover if she wanted to. However, she probably doesn’t care about casually meeting another person before she’s truly recovered from her toxic relationship with Christian.

Cleo is right to ask fans not to bother her. She has her inner demons and struggles. She doesn’t want to be reminded of her failed relationship and the man who broke her heart. While fans are nice for trying to make Cleo feel better, they are also wrong to meddle in her personal life. She’s a grown middle-aged person who overcame many challenges in the past. Cleo can also easily move on from Christian, but only if fans stop reminding her of him. Hopefully, the 90 Day Fiancé franchise star’s truthful reply to her followers will clear things up.

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