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90 Day Fiancé: What Dallas Nuez Has Revealed About Relationship With Kalani

Kalani Faagata’s boyfriend, Dallas Nuez, is opening up about his relationship with the 90 Day: The Last Resort cast member. Kalani, a 36-year-old California woman, debuted on reality TV in 90 Day Fiancé season 6 when her fiancé, Asuelu Pulaa, moved from Samoa to the U.S. on a K-1 visa. Kalani met Asuelu when he was working at a resort in Samoa, and she was vacationing there with her family. By the time Asuelu moved to America, Kalani had already given birth to their first baby. She was pregnant with their second child when they got married in September 2017.

Kalani recently revealed that Asuelu had been cheating on her throughout their relationship. The last time that he cheated on her was when Asuelu was in Samoa. Kalani caught him because he had developed a yeast infection on his tongue. Asuelu gave Kalani a hall pass, so she could go and kiss someone else. It’s how she met Dallas on social media a year ago. Kalani kept Dallas a secret because she was trying to mend her relationship with Asuelu. However, Kalani decided to divorce Asuelu on 90 Day: The Last Resort and has now made her relationship with Dallas, 28, public.

Dallas Reveals What He Loves The Most About Kalani

Dallas may not be posting anything on Instagram yet, but he has done a very revealing Q&A session for his followers where he answered questions about his relationship with Kalani. When a fan called Kalani a “gem” and said they were “so happy” for her and Dallas, Dallas replied, “She makes me very happy” while thanking his follower. Dallas told another follower that Kalani is a “keeper.” Dallas said it feels “nice” that his relationship with Kalani is public now because they had been dating for a year. “I love bragging about her,” Dallas added and said that Kalani’s happiness means everything to him.

Dallas Reveals If He Will Appear On 90 Day Fiancé

Dallas is a mystery to the franchise fans even now because there are hardly any photos of him available online. He hasn’t posted any pictures with or without Kalani, and his display picture on Instagram is hazy. Fans expect to get to know Dallas better in an upcoming 90 Day Fiancé spin-off. However, Dallas is not too keen on starting his reality TV career. One of the questions he received during his interaction with fans was, “Can you appear on 90 day now pls?” Dallas told them, “That’s going to be a no for me,” with a laughing emoji.

Dallas Confirms He’s Not Samoan Like Asuelu

Dallas also confirmed that he’s not from Samoa like Kalani’s ex-Asuelu. Dallas said his family is from Kahuku, Hawaii and Ormoc, Leyte in The Philippines. Dallas’ stepmom’s family is “Samoan/Mexican/Filipino.” Dallas currently has family members based out of Kahuku and La’ie. However, his family in La’ie is Mormon. He “didn’t grow up” with them. Dallas’ favorite local dish is Kalbi On Fire in Kahuku and his favorite snack is Manapua. Dallas claims to have shared his Hawaiian and Filipino traditions and dishes with 90 Day: The Last Resort star Kalani already.

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