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90 Day Fiance: Truth Behind Jasmine & Gino’s Breakup Revealed! Are They Faking It?

90 Day Fiance stars Jasmine and Gino are raising eyebrows these days with their cryptic behavior. They have been giving clues and hinting at the possibility of their breakup. There have been several instances when viewers have felt that this couple is not together in the real-time scenario.

But the majority of the fans now feel that Jasmine and Gino are “faking” their breakup. They believe that this couple has an ulterior motive behind doing this! Is this true? Do they have a hidden agenda behind this? What is this couple up to now?

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90 Day Fiance: Are Jasmine & Gino Faking Their Breakup?

Jasmine has started to portray herself as a single woman on social media. There are no signs of Gino on her feed, while the latter has been posting pictures of her in her wedding dress. Hence, 90 Day Fiance viewers were confused about what the couple was hinting at! But most of them were sure there was something cooking between these two.

Amid all this, some eagle-eyed fans were quick to develop their own theory, which could actually turn out to be true! A Reddit thread recently connected all the dots, and viewers aren’t able to believe it now. As per the OP, Jasmine isn’t posting about Gino and has unfollowed him on social media.

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Hence, “all of a sudden,” rumors about their splits have started to surface on the internet. On the other hand, the 90 Day FIance franchise has announced that they were looking for “out of the box” therapists for another season of The “Last Resort” in Arizona. So, the OP concluded that Jasmine and Gino are doing everything just to secure a comeback via this new spinoff.

Apparently, The Last Resort features couples with chaotic marriages and relationships. So, this could end up becoming a perfect way for Jasmine and Gino to return for another season. Hence, there is a fair chance that all this fuss is just the preparation for their comeback!

90 Day Fiance: Everything About The Ongoing Chaos Between Jasmine & Gino

Jasmine and Gino have been testing their viewers’ patience these days. The former has started to live like the latter never existed in her life. To 90 Day Fiance fans’ surprise, she made a weird post on his birthday and didn’t post any real-time pictures with him as well. On the contrary, Gino took to Instagram and shared a carousel of pictures in which Jasmine was dressed as a bride.

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After all this, several reports started to claim that though Jasmine is still in America, she isn’t living with Gino. A rumor even stated that she is facing a hard time because the latter did something “unforgivable.” On the other hand, fans were in shock when they saw Pineda throwing hints at her possible pregnancy.

Because of all this ongoing chaos, fans are becoming sure that all of this drama is made up and is an attempt to return to the franchise for another season. If not this, then Jasmine and Gino wouldn’t have any other way to do so. Apparently, they would be walking down the aisle on the show in the upcoming episode. So, they clearly need some spice and salt as the show must go on for them!

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