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’90 Day Fiance’ Riley Diego Reveals His Real Girlfriend

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star, Riley Diego is showing off his real girlfriend. Fans watched him try to make things work with Violet Tuyet. Then, Kimberly Menzies expressed interest in him so that looked promising. So, who is Riley actually with? Read on for more details.

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90 Day Fiance Riley Diego Reveals His Real Girlfriend

Viewers watched Riley Diego head to Vietnam to meet his long-distance love, Violet Tuyet. Unfortunately, the 90 Day Fiance love was very rocky. They had a combative romance from the beginning and it even made him want to hire a PI. He did not trust Violet and more so, they talked horribly to each other. She would call him vicious names once he arrived in Vietnam and it looked like this was a failure. Violet was also suspicious when she was on the phone and it appeared that she had other men on the side.

Riley Diego, Violet Tuyet/90 Day Fiance/YouTube

After Riley returned home, he learned that Violet was pregnant which was crazy because they never appeared to be intimate. He explained that it happened one night but ultimately, she said she was no longer pregnant. Riley was then seen with Kimberly Menzies and rumors flowed there. He closed those down and now, he has shown who his real love is. Fans were so excited that a Reddit thread was started to share the photo and chat about it.

After saying this made more sense, the OP wrote this:

  • I like Kimberly a lot and truly want to see her happy and in a stable relationship. But this right here makes much more sense. Wow Riley! Talk about an upgrade. Riley took to instagram to release pictures of his new GF with the caption “we ride together”. According to Riley the woman pictured known as “Lexi” on IG @it.myash is also his business partner and the woman who makes him want to be a better man. (Quoted on TikTok)

They also said that Kimberly needs to back off with the bestie stuff as it is not a good look.

Did Kimberly Know?

The OP questioned if Kimberly Menzies always knew about Riley Diego’s girlfriend and still tried to pursue him. However, it may have just been for 90 Day Fiance optics. So, what did fellow Redditors think about the new love?

  • they look good together
  • Looks like a good match together
  • Well, good luck to her. That’s a damaged man. Hope he’s getting therapy and can actually express his feelings vocally now instead of flipping a woman off to signify his love.
  • I really disliked him at first but he has really grown on me I think he is good hearted!

It seems that followers are happy he has found happiness and someone that looks suited for him.

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