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90 Day Fiancé: Natalie’s BF Josh Weinstein Is “Completely Shattered” After Son’s Tragic Car Accident

Josh Weinstein from 90 Day: The Single Life breaks down after being struck by an unforeseen family tragedy. The 42-year-old father of two is most known for his relationship with Natalie Mordovtseva. He has been dating her over the last two years and recently joined The Single Life season 4 to pursue her further. Josh and Natalie have had a sweet relationship, which hasn’t progressed much. In January 2024, Natalie shared that she didn’t know where it was going with Josh. Similarly, he hasn’t shared much about his future with Natalie. But he helped her and her mother to find a new house in California.

Josh doesn’t post much on social media. However, he recently took to Instagram to seek help, prayers, and support after his teenage son, Jett, got injured in a car accident. The 90 Day: The Single Life star wrote, “I’m completely shattered,” adding that his son had been in a vehicular accident and had already lost his right leg.

Josh shared that he loves his kids more than himself. He asked fans to pray that his son pulls through and doesn’t face any more complications. Josh added, “I love him more than life itself,” and used his Instagram Stories to promote the fundraiser. The page has raised over $20,000 with a goal of $50,000.

90 Day Fiancé Cast & Fans React To Josh’s Heartbreaking News

90 Day: The Single Life viewers were heartbroken to learn about Josh’s son’s accident. A social media user commented, “Praying for sweet jetty. I know he’s got this,” affirming the father in his hard time. Another user wrote, “Josh omg no! Thinking of you all,” adding that they’re sending prayers, love, and strength for Jett. Fellow 90 Day: The Single Life cast members also shared their concerns. Veronica Rodriguez, who also has a teenage daughter, commented, “Prayers for him.” Tyray wrote, “Sending prayers to you and your family bro,” telling the single father that his son will survive this. Over 3,000 people liked Josh’s post to show concern.

Seeing Josh go through such a terrible circumstance completely out of his control is sad. He has always been a family guy who has preferred his family over everything. Josh hasn’t married Natalie yet because of his responsibilities and other duties. In recent months, he has posted photos featuring his daughter and son, letting fans know he’s a good dad. Therefore, it’s heartbreaking that he has to face such an unexpected situation. It must’ve been gutwrenching for Josh to stand there seeing his son battle for his life. He must be in a lot of pain after learning that his child has permanently lost one of his legs.

Hopefully, Josh’s son, Jett, will recover soon and return to living freely. The coming few months won’t be easy for the entire family, as they’ll have to work a lot to bring balance to their lives. Josh will have to spend extra time caring for and helping his boy. He’ll have to encourage his son to push through the life-altering injury. Josh’s son’s accident may also impact his relationship with Natalie. He probably won’t be able to focus on or treat her as he used to. It may prompt the 90 Day: The Single Life star to move on from him as she did from Mike Youngquist a few years ago.

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